Saturday, September 13, 2008

Another Last Night

Same procedure as every year.
As I just watched this year's 'Last night of the Proms', I thought you might also like a musical bed-time sweets.

Voilà, enjoy.


  1. To think I can remember all the words and can still sing along after all these years. Just goes to show how the Empire was still alive and well when I was a child, reaching to far-off Australia and indoctrinating the young.

  2. We don't get this in Australia any more. Very nostalgia making, not so much for the message itself, but what I associate with it from the 1970s. Glorious stuff nostalgia.

  3. jmb,
    as you might know I do agree with Wilhelm Busch: Music as its noise-related, is often not appreciated. :)
    The Last Night of the Proms I'd not miss, though, enjoying the music - well, most of it - and the atmosphere, especially when it comes to the final ... rituals.
    This does not mean, though, that I got indoctrinated. :)

    you wrote it: Glorious stuff nostalgia!
    I am not entirely amused when thinking of England's/The United Kingdom's history. This kind of tradition is most enjoyable, though.


  4. Ginro,
    glad you ... hm ... you're not trying to confuse me, are you? lol

  5. No of course not, lol. I actually genuinely liked it, although I'd have loved to hear the song 'Jerusalem'.

  6. Ginro,
    next year, perhaps. :) There are some videos including 'Jerusalem'.