Tuesday, September 02, 2008

The difference between Mr Phelps and me

Those who do know me a little would still sometimes be surprised that I could do things, which most people would consider most boring, such as weeding and chipping wood, for hours and hours.
Actually it surprises me, myself, now and then as I am pretty sure I could happily live without.
So, why would I do it, then? It has to be done.
Why would it - sometimes - take hours? Simply because I am too lazy doing it every day. :)

Anyway, while being busy with hunting weeds, I can let my thoughts travel, contemplate, connect dots, dive into the ocean of my fantasy or even stop thinking; not seldom out of this nothing an idea would appear.
In any case, after hours I can see the result of what my hands have been doing. :)

Exactly this is why Sunday evening I wrote: This month ended like it began - august.

And I added: More in September.

So here's for a start. Saturday, after a marvellous breakfast I got struck by the idea of weeding between the cracks on the courtyard (if that's the proper word).
About 90 minutes later, returning with the empty bucket I thought: This is, again, one of those things, once they are done noone would notice except of oneself.
People / Neighbours rather tend to take notice of things which 'ought to be done', would you agree? :)
Thus, I took my cellular and - a photo.

And another 90 minutes later a second one.

Done. :)

Nothing special. Still I felt pleased.

- Wow, like new, Sean!

Mrs. J. who had been busy with planting a new row strawberries smiled. I smiled. A hug, some kisses, eyes sparkling ...

- Seems what I've done is better than winning gold-medals in Doping.

- Of course, Sean. :) And surely you will tell me why.

- Well, did you see the gentleman with the speed-yogurt in his fridge ever showing joy and happiness in the seconds after his triumphs?

- Usaine Bolt?

- No, the water-bolt, Mr. Phelps.

- Ah, no. If one had not seen him winning in world-record time, one could have thought he had become eightth.

Later, while digging up potatoes Mr. Phelps reappeared in my mind. Probably eight terrible years lying ahead. And any day 'they' may find the magic ingredience in his probes.
Probably? How political incorrect. Perhaps. Perhaps! Presumption of innocence. Ha ha, what a curiously shaped potatoe. I picked it up, showed it Mrs. J., and both we laughed.

Somehow I felt pity with Mr. Phelps.


  1. I think there might be a few more differences between yourself and Mr Phelps Sean, she says laughingly.

    There can be great pleasures to be had in such a task as you completed there. As you say, lots of time to reflect and the pleasure of seeing a pristine path at the end. Most would probably ignore the weeds or blast them with Roundup or some such chemical solution.

    Like me,for example, I would rather read a good book now than do garden chores. I guess it is my venerable age.

    I'm very glad you got your just reward for that sterling effort.

  2. I think it quite special :-) you did an amazing job!

  3. Sean, you did a wonderful job. I can totally relate to this post. I am sometimes the happiest in the Garden. I feel so happy and alive to be amongst nature.

    Now I have a clean house and my children claim that I am obsessed with cleanliness. But I hate house work, simply because it is the same thing each day. Cleaning and cooking is monotonous. But the garden is a different story. Your efforts are rewarded with growth and beautiful flowers, intoxicating floral scents, different colours to delight your eyes. The leaves of every plant are different. There are so many different shades of green. Some leaves are smooth, some sharp, some glossy, some grey, some variegated, so many different shapes … just so much to compare … and that is before one gets to the flower.

    When my children were little I would feed them breakfast and after completing the dishes, I would head out into the garden. Sometimes my daughter would come outside and say, ‘Mum when are you coming back inside we are hungry!’ and I would look at her perplexed and say, ‘How can you be hungry, you only just ate breakfast?’ Well like a good mother I would leave my chores to come inside only to find that it is 3pm in the afternoon. No wonder the kids were hungry! When I am in the garden I lose all track of time! Luckily now my children are old enough to make their own lunch. I leave strict instructions to take messages if I get a phone call. There is nothing worse than leaving a patch of soil that you have turned and about to plant something only to be interrupted with a call with someone telling you that you have been randomly selected to win a prize!

    The potatoes look really good Sean. Yummy! I have to get my veggie patch ready because September is the beginning of spring. I shoveled all the Chicken poo into the veggie patch about a month ago. So I will turn it over and start planting when it warms up a bit more.

    Your Dahlias look lovely too. It must be a delight to walk down that path.

    You and Mrs J have a lovely garden. Enjoy your spuds!

  4. it is only with gardening and long walks that i can stay (relatively) sane.

  5. Loved your reflections Sean.
    Being an avid gardener I couldn't help but admire yours and Mrs J's gorgeous flowers.
    Interesting how a rendezvous with nature brings out some of our deepest thoughts...

  6. jmb,
    to start with the end: The rewards keep me weeding. :)))
    And the good (!) books keep me from daily weeding - that's why once I start it would take hours.

    As for 'chemical weapons': Only recently we received the news that most vegetables you can buy, are 'ticking pesticide-bombs'. Most pesticides one had found in raspberries and - potatoes.

    That is why I am glad that - although I did not want one - do have a garden in which we grow almost everything, and that we do not use any pesticides etc..

    To remain in the picture: The rewards are manifold. Eating one of our tomatoes and from elsewhere you could think we were living on another planet. :)

    ... and I did thoroughly enjoy reading yours. Thanks a lot and cheers.

    thank you. :)
    Actually, I did not intend fishing compliments for my 'great weed'. I thought it to be a good example, though, for the little things that sometimes are able to create more happiness than winning eight gold medals.
    Hm, what's more surprising? :)

    it's as you say: especially during weekends, when the weather is fine, the hours spin away.
    :)) The faster when we are just sitting there, enjoying 'cake and coffee', a chat or a book, and the idyll.
    As for the flowers: There are more photos to come.
    As for your vegs: Farmers fortune! :)

    Apart from that you can have lovely walks, we have lots to do in our garden to keep you very very sane. :)))

  7. Janice,
    sorry for being late. Could not say why, but I forgot about replying to your kind words.
    Thank you. :)