Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A very simple question

why does that preacher think that a bikini is a more serious challange against Allah rather than taking the life of another living creature? why just cant he simply preach that a true muslim should not stare at those women who wear bikini instead of totally trying to curse the bikini.

It's for (glorious) sentences like those above I'd not miss any post by this man, and why for me he is not Superhero, but A Turkish Seanachie.


  1. Yes, for all he knows, that bikini might have been made exceedingly well.

  2. It is because preachers, with their small minds and their limited and twisted outlook on life, can only focus on issues of non-importance rather than embrace the essence of religion.

    It can be a lot more mentally stimulating to sit in the backyard and watch the grass grow than it is to listen to what an Imam or a Rabbi or Priest may have to preach.

  3. A very good question and one I have asked myself many times when I read about why Muslim women must keep themselves covered so that they do not tempt men.

    Although we have many Muslim women here it was only recently I saw for the very first time a woman in a burka. Perhaps she was a visiting relative.

    Did you know that often they suffer from Vitamin D deficiency because they don't get enough sunlight?

  4. Why indeed Sean? Why indeed? It just shows what twisted priorities some people have.

  5. Maybe you are the German Super Hero, Dean.)

  6. thanks for quoting me sean. it is good to know that my words do touch some people. but unfortunately, i have this feeling that words can only touch those who are already in favor of the meaning they reveal. the rest, they find their own words.

  7. James,

    quite, although watching the grass grow always makes me - alas! - think of the next 'mowing session'. :)

    not only that burqa wearing women suffer from Vitamin D deficiency. Their appearance makes me suffer, too, as it does not cause my body to produce happy hormones. :)

    I have a dream ... of which I know that, unfortunately, it won't come true. As Tetrapilotomos would sometimes sigh: Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of stupidity.

    oh nooo!
    Rather I'd like to be a Flying Dutchman. :)

    so often, when reading your posts I wish many, many more people would 'stumble upon' your blog and my seldom boring's.
    Again, you are right. Mostly we'd only appreciate thoughts that are echoing our own. It's a distressing phenomenon.

  8. I've been reading a lot of Rumi recently, here's what he might say of that preacher.

    "A conceited person seeing someone sin,
    Finds the flames of hell rise up in him.
    He calls his hellish pride defense of the religion;
    He does not recognize the arrogance of his own soul."

  9. Bravo Chris(GFM), I enjoyed that, thanks for sharing.

  10. Chris,
    thanks for this one. It fits like the fist on the eye [German idiom]. :)

    reading Chris' comment I knew you'd like it. Cheers.