Monday, September 15, 2008

Darwin makes my blood boil

... err ... no ... please! In case you happen to be one of those primates being 'taught'/indoctrinated to believe (whatever this means) they are intelligently designed and promoting the idea there's a potter who's first name is not Harry who about 10.000 years ago took a clot of loam, designed a being, shortly afterwards took a rib of this being and formed a female so that it (ha ha ha) would always have something to beat up - don't applause half-cocked.

Darwin made my blood boil by sharing this.


  1. Were you intelligently designed, Sean or unintelligently? :)

  2. James,
    you wouldn't doubt the correctness of Schopenhauer's conclusion wherupon genitals are the sounding-board of brain, would you?

    To answer your question: I am pretty sure it was not intelligent an act to design me. :)

  3. No, nutters like that should not be allowed any type of access to people making decisions concerning the rest of us.

    It's not about 'points of view'. If someone really is incapable of understanding simple scientific propositions, they are too stupid to be allowed power.

  4. It is evident from watching this video, that when Darwin talked about Natural Selection, he was referring to organisms with certain PHYSICAL characteristics are more likely to survive and reproduce … rather than MENTAL phenotypes.

  5. Crushed,
    what are we two against so many? :)

    Seriously: Fully agree to what you write. Those 'nutters' are allowed to vote, though. And they will vote. That's what makes me feel most uncomfortable.

  6. Ardent,
    so you think there's still hope? :)

    Hm, why would I come to think of rotting testicles, right now?

    And this is another aspect making me feel uncomfortable: I consider myself being a friendly person who - except of tiny addiction to irony and sarcasm - would not wish harm to anyone and anything. And still, such people are able to cause me getting aggressive thoughts. Very aggressive.
    That's not just a phenomenon. It's worrying.

    Better to stop. The proper words do not come easy to me, tonight.

  7. She is really, really, really scary. More scary is the number of people who really think she is so great and will vote Republican because of her.

  8. I don't care what you say, I still think she's a bit of a hottie.

  9. This may be so, Ginro. :)
    As for me, if anything at all, such stupid a woman might attract an erection of my middle finger.

  10. Bloody hell a proof against intelligent design in one video!

  11. "Morning star" ministries indeed..

    Interesting to note that lucifer (big red fella with a thing about agricultural implements) was also refered to as the "Morning star", "the bringer of light" and the "hearld of god" before his fall from grace. Certain groups of the occult persuasion still use this type of symbolism and i find it very interesting that Palin should belong to this church. Must be a coincidence...
    ...but then we see they teach about becoming like god. As God. To my knowledge this is considered blasphomy in the bible and was the cause of lucifers fall. Wanting to "raise his throne above god's". It is also an idea found in high level freemasonary (see the writings of Albert Pike), satanism, witchcraft, scientology and a host of other new age beliefs.
    Were i a more cynical bastard i might start to form ideas about Palins church being so extreme in it's "christianity" that it's coming round the other way.
    And this thing about recognising jesus as the political leader makes me wonder if in a not so long time, some chap claiming Merovingian descent and with some decidedly rothchild-esque features, wont appear on the scene.
    Ah well, guess i'll just keep taking the medication...

  12. Nick,
    And sorry for replying so late.

    Yes, it's a) amazing to watch so many poor spirits on one spot. One could laugh weren't they allowed to cast political votes.