Monday, September 01, 2008

La vie en rose


  1. Videos from YouTube, what is the world coming to? I never learned to like her voice but this song is a good one.

  2. Wonderful. Iwas at Piaf's grave in Pere Lachaise in May with my friend Elahe and Azadeh an Iranian doctor cum artist who lives in Paris. We learned not to talk about Piaf's origins in earshot of pilgrims...

  3. Piaf had a very powerful and passionate voice. How sad her addictions caused her early death. I would have loved to have heard her fully matured voice too.

  4. Ardent,
    glad 'the Piaf' pleased your ears, although she did not sing 'La orchidée en vie'. :)

    frankly, I am rather with ...

    ... jmb. :)
    There are some songs, though, I learnt to like.
    However, two years ago I happened to watch a brilliantly done documentary about her life, which left me deeply impressed.

    ha, ha, did you chat about Oscar then?
    Seriously, as said on your picture of Oscar Wilde's grave, I'd like to at least once ramble along the cemeteries of Paris, before I taking a dwelling six feet under, myself. :)

    it's a beautiful audible addition, isn't it. :)

    yes, her life was obviously a rose - amazing, beautiful and (very) thorny.
    As for 'matured' - you are getting better and better , Mylady, if a dilettant may say so. :)