Monday, September 01, 2008

A symbol of beauty

Either in Canada and in England - they are seen as a symbol of beauty.

It's even sung that life is a ...

Well, and this one is symbolizing my wish that you all may live a rosy, i.e. beautiful September. :)


  1. Thank You Sean :-)

    I wish you a beautiful September too!

  2. Are we having a competition? I think Cherie wins with the photo but then she didn't grow hers so maybe it is between you and me. I concede since I took my photo not long after I bought it at the nursery so I do not deserve any credit.
    May we have an Indian summer since our regular summer left a little to be desired.

  3. Cherrypie, thanks. :)

    no. :)
    It could have been any other photo I had taken this weekend, but then I thought of Cherrypie's and your latest 'prey' when photo-hunting and chose the rose.
    Some summer days in September would be lovely indeed.