Sunday, August 31, 2008

August ending

Isn't this a strange world?

While German soldiers by defending Germany at the Hindukush (according to Germany's former war- ... err ... defence-minister) and thus doing their duty and nothing but their duty, are killing a woman and two children, while probably about 100.000 children died of starvation, while ...,

... I lived three splendid days.

To cut it short: This month ended like it began - august.

More in September. :)


  1. Which would have ben named after Tiberius, but he made the senate promise that when he died that they would neither deify him nor name September after him.

    He could see those things coming.

    Contrary to what is often alleged, Tiberius was perhaps the best of a bad bunch.

  2. Ha ha, Crushed. Great association: August(us)/ Tiberius - September / not Tiberius.

    As for 'tristissimus hominum' (the sadest amongst human beings): difficult to judge him.
    Ah, history and historians. Both they have a long history. :)

    Well, you 'know', I 'know': Some people's bastard is other people's hero, and vice versa. :)

    Fact is, anyway: I enjoyed this very comment. :)

  3. Trust Crushed to have the factoid at his fingertips.

    I was going to make the very mundane comment, that you have a good harvest there Sean. All ready for the root cellar, should one exist at your house.

  4. And, jmb, I do enjoy your comment, too. Not only that, it is balm for my muscles and bones. :)
    Yes, we are having a very good harvest this year, so far. There will be enough potatoes in the (potatoe-) cellar till next year's harvest (hopefully) to come.