Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Today 47 years ago

As I do prefer this, for a change,

although I'd have much to type on the topic

only that,

with thanks to the bloke who produced it.


  1. 47 years since it wnt up.. and it finally came down in minutes. I still find it hard to get my head around the mentality of a nation, any nation, that would murder its citizens for tryig to get out.

    On a lighter note Konrad Schuster doing his jump over the barbed wire must rank of one of those great iconic images.

  2. Got me wondering... are you talking about my age?

  3. You are torturing me with THAT!
    Still the YT ban in Turkeyi..)
    So I miss the 'message' I guess...
    Come over and start teaching Turkey's politicians how to think, independently...

  4. I was only a new born when the wall went up, so I missed the political fervor that the Germans endured.

    It is very sad that organized, political stupidity still has vehement supporters.

  5. is it just me or has youtube stopped working? :(

  6. Jams,
    as almost always: We are of the same opinion.

    As for the name: You are right, there was a (tiny) mistake in the video. It was Konrad Schumann.

    and now you got me wondering: Is August 13th your date of birth?

    sorry about this, although rather than me the Turkish 'democrats' are torturing freedom of speech.
    The video is about the Berlin Wall, from it's beginning on August 13th, 1961 until its fall.


    hm, I tried and ... it works.

  7. No I am not August birthday girl!

    Lots of celebrations and displays do take place on my birthday though ;-)

  8. ok, it was just me, a problem with mozilla firefox :(

    I always love hearing JFK saying that he is a jelly donut :)

    On a more serious note, the video rightly ends with a call for no more similar walls to be constructed. So, I'm surprised no-one mentioned this one here.

  9. Pen and paper are so much nicer to write with. That's why I don't always post on my blog, I'm writing things in my books, lol.

  10. Chris,

    sorry for reply a bit late here.
    Yes! This wall is a shame. And who's to blame? The walls in the heads/minds.
    Ah, better to stop.

    so there are already two of us. :)
    One further aspect: Although it's nice being able to easily delete typos, whole paragraphs etc., it is sometimes an adventure to see a text developing - with all changes, corrections etc.
    However, as said above, writing by hand forces me to think twice - last not least because I don't like manuscripts looking like a 'battlefield'. :)