Friday, August 01, 2008

August beginning

Variatio delectat. Instead of replying (to the first seven commenters) in the comment-section,
here's an update.

Do you sometimes have so many thoughts/posts in your mind that you just can't decide?
Well, I do. Often. Plus: Words (not only in English) often don't come easy to me. The proper words I mean. The words which are able to exactly tell what I mean.
All I 'knew' was the title of this month's first post: August beginning. - the adjective/the month and the beginning.
To cut it short: At last - in my despair - I decided to post one of those ten photos I'd take with me on the legendary island.
And never I'd thought, let alone intended it could incite quiz-like questions.
A lovely surprise. Thank you all.

Well, jmb, it was not winter when the photo was taken. It was middle of May. Minutes later it would rain cats and dogs. Not somewhere in Australia, Ardent; not 'edge Dartmoor', Crushed;
closest got Chris and Jams.
The photo was taken 1991, in the West of Ireland, Connemara, a couple of miles behind Leenane, driving in direction of Kylemore Abbey, on the left hand side.

Why would I have spontaneously stopped, jumped out of the car, climbed over a wall? Two thoughts: What a motif. And: 'Soon nobody will know you've existed. In my photo you will (at least for a while) live on.' :)

Yes, jmb, it's a dead tree. And - indeed - you'd not find it anymore. It remains existing ... in this photo.

Ha - the 'tartly' Sean; the one who'd call a bastard a bastard, a cretin a cretin, a criminal a criminal?
Hm, that's why there's this very header - it's part of Omnium.

Mostly I do trust on that my (constant/regalar) visitors* do feel 'it', but tonight I do feel the wish to write it 'black on white': It's good to have you.

* do I need say that I do not 'only' mean those who commented on this post? :)

Cherrypie, I did not know where to put you(r comment), as it was rather a statement than a question. Will you forgive me? :) - The photos you posted tonight, once again do incite my desire to visit the Lake district which is one of the (few?) 'spots' in England I did not 'happen to' visit up til now.


  1. Oh! Wow! that reminds me so much of a photograph that I took in the Lake District!

  2. It looks more like March to me. That said it is cold and wet here and I had to look for my down quilt last night!

  3. Actually there are no leaves on that tree so either it is totally dead or it is March or even January.

  4. Looks like the photo was taken in the country side, somewhere South within Australia.

  5. Must be the west coast of scotland or ireland, probably the second knowing you sean. And time of year? Dunno, but jmb's probably right. Does the closest win a prize? :)

  6. I would say somewhere in Ireland. Not the Dingle penisnsula perchance?

  7. You’ve never been to the Lake District? Go there! It ‘s a great place. I.e. I hope it still is. I’ve been there quite a few times in the sixties and seventies (yes, indeed, I was quite young then; yes indeed, I’m a bit older now) as I have relatives living near Skipton and the Dales. I spent quite a few holidays there. A great place for walking and hiking (apart from the rain…). Also, approaching the Lakes via the Dales is great. Instead of taking the common Skipton - Kirkby Lonsdale - Kendal route, take your time and take the Horton in Ribblesdale - Cowgill - Dent - Sedbergh - Kendal route. The differences between the Dales and the Lake Districts are amazing.

    Well, somebody probably shot right down in my sentimental nerve here!


  8. Well I did not have to hazard a guess because I knew it was Ireland and probably the West Coast, even though it is 48 years since I have been there and it was the wettest July on record at the time. A very green place indeed.

  9. Your mind is in great working order, I see, Sean. Miss you.

  10. There is nothing to forgive :-)

    This is the photo of mine that yours reminded me of.

    Lonesome Tree

  11. Bertus,
    van harte welkom! En dankje wel voor de goude tips. :)

    The main reason I have not been visiting the Lake District up til now very probably is that I do mostly prefer the shortest route to Fishguard or Pembroke. :)

    as for my mind: I'd like to see what you see. :)
    At present I think some synapses are agglutinated. :) Which is why words don't come easy to me.
    Anyway, my thoughts are with you much more often than I am 'commenting'.
    Take care, my friend, and good luck.
    What's about an email (somewhen)? :)

    marvellous photo, thank you. Where has it been taken?
    Such different an atmosphere in both pics. Nature is ... amazing.

  12. Whoa, jmb,
    (almost) missed to answer yours.
    It would surely be experience for you to visit Ireland today. Think of it.
    There are some B&Bs, where you'd get one or two more sausages for breakfast, when saying hello from Sean. :)

  13. That is such a lovely picture, I love the storm brewing in the background. I think the dark clouds make the green of the grass more vivd and the scene more spectacular. Thanks so much for sharing it with us.

  14. Ryanne,
    welcome. Glad you like the scenery.
    Well, it would, 'of course', be difficult not to like it, hm? :)

  15. It was taken on the Kirkstone Pass in the Lake District, Cumbria

  16. Ah, thanks, Cherrypie. Marvellous photo. I think I have to follow Bertus' advice and 'go there'. :)

  17. My favourite photo of yours that I've seen so far. Beautiful, beautiful colours.

  18. Ah, Ashley,
    thank you.
    I'm glad you do like what I like. As written above, it is a very special photograph for me.