Thursday, August 21, 2008

Mother-Cross for McSwagger

Mr. McCain* says he would pursue Obama ... err ... Osama bin Laden “to the gates of hell”.

Mr. McCain* - peace be upon him - is a swaggerer**, i.e w/talking with an air of overbearing self-confidence, conducting himself in an arrogant or superciliously pompous manner.

Mr. McCain* would pursue any terrorist as much as any Pharaoh took part in building a pyramid.

All he'd do were sending thousands of (young) people*** not only to what he calls the gates of hell. Many of them would step through.

As Mr. McCain* like all Cheneys on this planet can't get enough human recources for his chessbord games, the pious follower of the legendary Jesus Christ votes against abortion.

Tetrapilotomos suggests the world-wide invention of a certain mother-cross.

* the name is exchangable. I do, f.e. remember Vladimir 'Ras' Putin once saying (to the Chechen): 'We shall squelch these animals/critters/vermin'.

** One could also say: Mr. McCain* is a bloody liar.

*** mind you, no sons of members of Congress and Senate, of course!!


  1. Goodness, I did not know about the mother cross. Amazing.

  2. I would not want a mother cross ... to give birth to children to be utilized as war machines.

    However on the subject of 'Mother' ... it is also a word that people often use when referring to politicians like McCain/Cheney/Putin!

  3. Although I had heard of the mutterkreuz, I'd never heard anyone called a swaggerer before. :)

    Q: Does anyone know is there was an equivalent vaderkreuz?

  4. oops that's Vaterkreuz obviously. Vaderkreuz is something commited star wars fans receive :)

  5. jmb, Ardent, Cherrypie,
    it's a relief I did not get born (as forth son) in the shortest of all thousand years' empires.
    And now imagine a young woman with three little boys (let's say being born February '38, January 39, April '41) becoming a "hero's" widow June 41 and in February 1945 being on flight - without mother-cross.
    What a life.

    'Vaderkreuz' gave me a good laughter.
    Interesting you'd ask this question. The next dictator might take it as a nice idea for improvement. :)

  6. Ah, Chris,
    so swaggerer is obsolete/ not correct?
    I thought it fit best, better f.e. than blowhard, boaster, braggart and braggadocio. :)