Thursday, August 07, 2008

On manners

Ná cuir do chorran angort gan iarraidh.

Do not bring your reaping-hook to a field
without being asked.


  1. :)
    That's what I thought, jmb.
    It leaves room to contemplate about, anyway, would you agree?

  2. I have not heard this saying.

    Does it mean:
    We don't need your help or interference.

    Hmmm, still thinking.

  3. Cherrypie, Jams, Ardent,
    it seems to be quite an old saying, anyway.
    As it is one on 'manners', at first sight I thought it could be 'translated' as: Don't interfere unasked into other's life / affairs / business (even when your intention is a good one).
    In case I don't forget I shall ask some of my 'deep throats'. :)

  4. And don't bring it to school. When I lived in Nepal there was a lot of cutting done this way.

  5. Colin,
    so Cherrypie got closer - it's about stealing? :)

  6. I thought Cherie's answer very good. What did those "deep throats" say? Or Mr Google?