Friday, August 29, 2008

Oh well, who cares

What difference does it make to the dead,
the orphans and the homeless, whether
the mad destruction is wrought under
the name of totalitarism or
the holy name of liberty and democracy?

M.K. Gandhi,
Non-Violence in Peace and War, 1948


  1. How true. The ones that have to bear the brunt of man-made catastrophe are never asked their opinion first.

  2. Indeed nothing changes for them no matter which government promises what.

  3. What brought this to the fore Sean, at this moment?

  4. Ginro, Janice, Cherrypie, James, Ardent, Jams - Thank you.

    Hm, a thought ... rather to myself. So, please, do not feel offended.
    Could anybody not agree? Isn't it an apodictic statement?
    Indeed, in case there doeas exist someone who'd not agree to this, I'd like her/him to tell here and to explain the why.

    nothing special 'brought this to the fore".
    Georgia, Near East, the election campaigns in the U.S.A., Ruanda, Cambodia, Thirty Years' War, the Crusades, Mohamemd's battles - to cut it short: This thought is (always) in my mind; I'd not need Gandhi or anybody else to 'tell' me, or to quote him/them, but I do prefer quotations as whatever - well, at least almost all :) I might say in my words has been said before. :)