Thursday, August 21, 2008

Hoi georgoi - or sacrificing pawns

It was not (primarily) my intention to remind of what happened on August 13th, 1961. Why should I try to remind anyone on this planet of something that most Germans would not at all (seriously) care about?

What I was looking for was a 'pars pro toto' - one good example for a politician's/criminal's falsehood.
As to be seen in the previous post, less than two months before the Berlin Wall got erected, being asked if a border at the Brandenburg Gate were planned, Walter Ulbrich, head of the so-called German Democratic Republic, answered:
"I understand your question like there are people in the West who wish that we mobilize the construction workers of the capital of the GDR to erect a wall, yes? He he he, I am not aware of such an intention, the construction workers of the capital are mainly busy with the construction of homes. [...] Nobody has the intention to build a wall."

Well, and now try to compare what f.e., U.S.-proconsul Saarkashvili and Vladimir 'Ras' Putin's presidential spokesman Medvedjev recently said and what 'actually' happened.
In other words:
The first casualty when war comes is the truth.


As there is another Sean* posting about what's happening in the Caucasus-region, in quite an interesting way, I do restrict myself on but a few thoughts:

If I felt fancy to enter my local pub and trounce the village's assembled carrousers, I ought not to be surprised of the result, hm?
:) That's why I prefer staying at home and posting a bit.

So, why would Saarkashvili make his move?

Did he make the move? Or did somebody else let him make the move?


hoi georgoi = the farmers.

Standing on the chess-board the farmers are called 'pawns**'.

And not only for Zbigniew Brzesinski (at present advisor of US-presidential candidate Obama), this planet is a Grand Chessboard.

Apropos chess: Years ago during a grandmaster tournament a Georgian grandmaster invited me to Tiblisi. The tournament, by the way, was won by a Russian - Anatoli Karpov. :)

Back to the big 'game' which is not at all just a 'Caucasian'.

Who's to blaim for what's happening in Georgia? Who's the aggressor? The hen or the egg? Or, completely another scenario: If you were to be the President of Russia, would you give a kopek to what the coming Ex-President of the U.S.A . is demanding?

Isn't it just laughable when the US-(war-)criminal admonishes the reaction of another (war-)criminal by saying "
Bullying and intimidation are not acceptable ways to conduct foreign policy in the 21st century"?

Well, and following the logic of the mentally disabled 'leader of the free world' the N.A.T.O. cancels contacts with Russia. Says Russia, i.e. Putin & Co.: We cancel contact with the N.A.T.O..


Hohoho. (As an alternative to laughing I recommend being very very scared).

Anybody fancy to criticize? Wait a minute. I do appreciate the fact I was not born 100 kilometres eastwards, so that I could (so far) enjoy life thanks to the power of the Washington-warlords.

If anybody's
not able to get the (self-) irony: Her/His problem.

Last thought for now:

"Why don't you [the West; sj] not invite us [Russia;sj] to join the N.A.T.O.?"
Ten years have flown by since Valentin Falin and I were sitting at a corner table in a tiny hotel, and the former Soviet ambassador in Germany would ask this question.
"Hm, I suppose I am not the the first you're asking this question. Did you ever get an answer?"

Falin's answer: smilingly reaching for his cup of coffee.

* I recommend reading his latest postings (including all comments).

** and then there are the pawns of the pawns: they who'd just like to live in peace ...


  1. An excellent post Sean.

    The world leaders make me sick! I do not care if someone calls me an Australian, Victorian, Melbournian, or any other geographic, political, coloured or religious label ... all I want to do is raise my family in Peace.

    This is also what the people in Georgia and South Ossetia want.

    One can never trust politicians ... liars, provokers and hypocrites!

    All I know is that in times of relative peace they are always preparing for war!

  2. Ardent,
    thank you. :)
    Politicians, arms dealers, 'multis', slave-drivers etc. aside: there are parents throwing their babbies out of the window, people sewing their neighbours, 'cause leaves of a cherry-trees are being blown on the lawn etc. etc.

    One ought to call oneself very lucky when one can live one's life untroubled, by and large.