Friday, August 08, 2008

How to ward off an award - or ...

Fall of a principled man

A while after I had given birth to Omnium ...

[pause to award not only those scientists amongst my esteemed readers whose attempts to find the world formula, i.e. 'The Theory of Everything', up til now all were in vain time to measure the paramount importance of this subordi
nate clause*]

... and started to visit not only online newspapers but other bloggers as well, soon I'd stumble upon a 'phenomenon' - awards: Here the 382nd best conservative political blogger of his country, there the 94th best left wing blogger of her country; the 169th funniest of all etc. etc. , ... cont. page 1066, where you'd find: The Best Cardiff Bay Gossip Blog.

[pause to award readers time to savour this]

And - as if this were not enough - people would design more or less felicitous awards and dedicate them to five, seven or hundred of their best / sweetest / schmoozest /cutest /etc.etc. fellow bloggers who'd in turn (have to) choose seven or hundred of their ...

Oh dear I thought, like in kindergarten - an award for everyone, so that noone's unhappy. And since, whenever reading the word 'award' in a title, I'd 'turn tail and run'.
Not to get misunderstood: I am not mocking about the quality of any blog(ger), I am mocking about the 'awarditis'. By the way, by typing 'award', google awarded me 343 million hits.

Having written all this, need I say I am glad that nobody ever awarded me an award, or, at least, I never became aware of having been awarded an award, as then I'd be confronted with the next conundrum: How to ward off the award without being (thought) to be arrogant and/or impolite?

And now - with thanks to the Monty Python - for something completely different.

As Fritz Weigle alias F.W. Bernstein once rhymed (it was Bernstein, indeed, not Gernhardt! :) At least Gernhardt told me so.)
Die größten Kritiker der Elche
waren früher selber welche.

The greatest critics of the elks
in former times were elks themselves

Varying this, it reads:
Die größten Kritiker der Elche
werden dereinst selber welche.

The greatest critics of the elks

once will become elks themselves.

In other words:
Herewith the 'enigmatic Sean' -
smilingly and with great joy - does accept an award by nobody important. :)

Thanks, dear jmb. I take it as a lovely compliment.

Well,and now it's my turn. As with Cherrypie, Crushed, James, Jams and Mutley already five of 'my' Seldom Borings are 'sharing this burden' with me, I am going to spread the award around the planet. :)

When clicking their names, and reading you will know why I'd call following bloggers brilliant.

Ardent at Ardent Observations,
Colin at Adelaide Green Porridge Cafe
Hans and his team at Internation Musing
Superhero, my Turkish Seanachie at me and others,
and Erkan at Erkan's field diary.

Champagne!! :)

* which, again, will give experienced readers time to wait for the corners of their mouths returning from an expedition to the ear-lobes.


  1. It is so very difficult to spread the word far and wide. I think you have managed much better than me ;) :)

  2. I think it is great that JMB has seen fit to give you an Award simply because she likes you and your blogsite.

    It is a simple and true award from the heart that serves no political purpose like Nobel Awards, it merely radiates sunshine.

    When my son gave me a medal on Mother's day saying that I was the best Mum in the world, I knew that the judge was biased but I was still honoured to accept the lovely award. I was overjoyed by the gift.

    What I love about blogging is that it gets people writing and thinking. Sean, your site gets readers to think and ponder and I really enjoy that.

    Every blog site radiates a personality and we love your personality.

    Also, Thank you for being so kind to acknowledge my blog site. Just like on Mother's Day, I am overcome with joy.

  3. Well I never. Are you trying to give me a heart attack? I never thought you would post it but thank you for accepting it and you have passed it on to very worthy recipients.

    Like you, I try to avoid awards since many are so meaningless, as you have pointed out so eloquently. But sometimes one does it so as not to give offense to the donor. Not necessary in this case as I wanted to acknowledge that I find this blogger interesting if enigmatic at times, even intimidating on occasion.

    Thank you Sean.

  4. Oh, I don't see it as the "fall of a principled man" but the gesture of a kind one.

  5. Congratulations 'Sean', you deserve it, if you like it or not..))

  6. congratılations sean. you deserved it. there are a lot stuff in the internet but sometimes it is really hard to find a quality one. well, i found yours and i should better stick to it.

    and well, what am i supposed to do to claim it? just copy and paste the picture?

  7. You raise an interesting point here, Sean and it is one which many of us are scared to discuss, for fear of offending the giver. Anyway, congrats on your award!

  8. Cherrypie,
    I checked this, and - as I see it - in true olympic spirit we crossed the target line hand in hand. :)

    although the following might look 'as if', this is no Yes-but-comment.
    I do agree with all you wrote.

    What I was telling above with other words:
    Isn't each reader stumbling upon one's blog, reading the very post and afterwards deciding to come back, an award?
    Isn't each of those 'returning visitors' an award?
    And now, when 'jumping over her/his inner wall and writing even a comment - isn't this an award?
    And isn't it a 'brillante' feeling, when step by step, comment by comment blogger and commenter are getting closer, even though they would not always be of the same opinion?
    Isn't that a wonderful award? :)

    That's what I tried to say, and reading it this way all I wrote above was an homage to all of you - the 'talky' and the 'silent' readers.
    As, finally, for 'biased judges': Nothing compares to the medal of your son, Ardent.
    In case I were more creative, my award for you had, anyway, been ... a unique orchid. :)

    to start at the end, i.e. your second comment:
    The title's, of course, one of those tiny attacks from me on myself. :)))

    And now to your first comment's end: 'Intimidating'?! Me?!
    Would you, please, be so kind to explain?

    As for the 'rest': Getting it from you was ... a pleasure. :)
    And I do appreciate very much that you'd not feel ... hm ... irritated (i.e. annoyed) by the way I accepted your - kindness. :)

    thank you, the more as you are one of those bloggers who'd deserve much more comments.
    The very reason I do not comment much more often is that I do wish to write comments in proper English, but often do not find the proper words.
    Herewith, though, it is again written black on white: Your blog is 'brilliant'. :)

    thanks to you, too.
    As you know, calling you 'my Turkish seanachie' is the best compliment I am (seem to be) able to give.
    As for your question:
    Copying and pasting will do. And then all you 'have to do' is to choose some blogs you like.
    Hm, just thinking, f.e. of the 'Carpetblogger'. :)

    Yes! Most of us do hesitate to criticize. We - the bloggers who (up til now) have not much to fear - are often great in criticizing others (governments, i.e. politics/policticians) but when it comes to (at leat sometimes) question ourselves ... :)

  9. Sean, so sweet I am so glad we did :-)

  10. I'm going to pass my award to all my relatives. Only one of them has a blog. Thanks Sean.

  11. Cherrypie,
    and no cameara crew around to capture the historic moment for eternity. :)

    :) you would not forget about Hannah's and Ryan's blog, would you?
    Anyway, I'd not be surprised had all your relatives started a blog by tomorrow morning.

  12. We have it in our memory and that is all that matters ;-)