Saturday, August 23, 2008

Quis leget haec? :)

March 23rd, 2010:
better late than never, hm?

Dear visitors, as almost daily several visitors from all continents stumble upon Omnium while (obviously) searching for the meaning of Quis leget haec?, exactly 19 months after the original post, here an UPDATE: and thus the answer you are looking for:

Quis leget haec? in English means: Who will read this?

Hope I could be of help. Perhaps you let me know?
Anyway, all the best to you.

Lingua Latina mortua est! Omnibusne locis? Minime! Nonullis orbis terrarum locis lingua Latina adhuc vivit et floret. Ante diem decimum Calendas Septembres (nostra lingua 23. August) statio televisifica, quae 3sat appelatur, etiam relationem telefisificam nominis "Kulturzeit extra" totam Latine versam per aetherias undas transmittet - sic!

I can imagine that at least Mr. Deogowulf and Laudator temporis acti might find interesting to watch


  1. Me paenitet! Eam non vidi. Eratne bona?

  2. Quem ob rem pullus sacer viam Appian transivit?

  3. Hans, Ginro, Chris,

    the link did not work as intended. After entering the linked page by clicking 'O tempore' you can either read all features or watch the complete video.

    I found it was a nice idea well implemented.

    Thus, amica,
    yes, it was worth watching; most interesting features.

    Nescio, Ginro. Eum evisceremus ut, extane ostensura sint illius infausti facti causem, comperiamus! :)

  4. But Sean, your Latin is still 'poor'..)))

  5. Hans,
    all Latin above is quoted.
    My Latin is, of course, ... worse. :)

  6. Ach Latin... I see it and I break into a cold sweat thinking of the years failing to learn it at school!

  7. Five years of it for me too. But actually I liked it and you know I would say it was one of the most useful subjects I studied.
    I don't remember much and I sometimes have this nightmare where I have to sit my final exam of those days with the Latin I remember today. Oh how stressful that is. A true incubo.