Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Life, laughter and the unexpected

This morning Miss J. and the astrophysicist returned from a trip to the Baltic Sea, bringing fresh warm rolls for breakfast, plus - not for breakfast, though - twelve sea-washed pebbles and two beautiful stones they had found at the beach and carried more than one kilometre to their tent. They will embellish our stone garden, and one is supposed to become my worry stone. :)

Well, collecting pebbles and stones was not really a reason for making this trip. The astrophysicist thought the partial eclipse might not be observable where we do live, but did not want to miss it. Right he was, as here we had clouds, clouds, clouds.

The breakfast? Oh yes, it was marvellous. And Mrs. J. decided that we'll have a trip to the Baltic Sea to watch the next eclipse - in 73 years.

We shall be 128 then, Miss J. and the astrophysicist 99 respectively 103. No doubt it will be great fun, the more as our mother will be accompanying us.

Well, unless something unexpected is going to happen, 'cause life, laughter and death not seldom are close-knit, as we got reminded by a tiny noise on balcony.


  1. Is this the site of the enigmatic Sean? Am I at the right place?
    The most straight forward post I think I have ever seen here and longish too.

    On occasion I have brought back stones from places I have been and added them to my " rock" collection. The first attracted me on the beach at Cannes, others come from Mt Etna, Australia and assorted spots. This year when I blogged about my collection, Eurodog, my Belgian blog friend, sent me seven lovely striped stones from the beach near her place in Cornwall.

    A lovely gift from your daughter, to my mind.

  2. Do you mind if the not wife and I tag along? At 118 and 117 I know we'll be whippersnappers but we promise to behave!

  3. Those pebbles are so very Zen :-) I love them!

  4. i hope we still have the moon up there by then. :)

  5. jmb,
    yes, indeed, a lovely gift.
    As for stones, far from being passionate collectors we would sometimes bring one home - from the Skagerak, the Orkneys, one from the top of Croagh Patrick - after I had climbed it on my bare feet :) - one from the Berlin Wall etc.
    There are some, too, from Land's End and St. Yves.
    To end with the beginning: Are you sure? :)

    it will certainly be a pleasure. We'd always enjoy having spring chicken around us. Keeps young. :)

    Zen or not Zen - it's lovely to see their colours changing with the light, and two of them feel almost silky.

    we shall see. :)