Saturday, September 06, 2008

Nessun dorma

Time flies.


  1. One can never hear this aria too often. But who sings it best? I like Pavarotti very much but Ben Heppner is no slouch with this aria. You can compare by listening here .

    Sadly, to hear it in context, you have to sit through Turandot, the most boring opera I have ever attended.

  2. I agree with JMB that Heppner carries off this aria extremely well but my own personal taste is with Pavarotti whom I feel brings a richer voice to the aria as well as a touch more intense emotion.
    I'm looking for the Asian in my heritage since I really enjoyed 'Turandokht' :)

  3. After I left my comment and my link I actually listened to the Heppner rendition and found it wanting. I have a much better one on CD, probably gussied up by the sound engineers with their tricks.

    What I did find really interesting was looking at the comments on both the renditions at YouTube. After the commenters had roundly criticized everyone I was totally confuse, as usual.

  4. jmb,
    thanks for the link, and: the second paragraph gave me a big smile.

    you have Asian ancestors? Japanese painters amongst them? :)

    sorry, did not get this.

    don't let yourself confuse by 'commenters'.
    I'd always let my ears decide; either they like what they hear, or they don't.

  5. If one cannot sleep, one goes to a friend's blog, and searches among the many beautiful posts, and one finds "Nessun dorma", and the breathtaking rendition of Pavarotti.

    "Nobody shall sleep!...
    Watch the stars,
    that tremble with love and with hope..."

    Moved to tears...Thank you, Sean!

  6. Claudia,
    it's nice to see that sometimes 'old' posts are able to fill a sleepness night with joy.
    Glad you enjoyed; and glad you let me know. Thanks. :)