Friday, November 14, 2008

Cricketers of the World, be very scared

Posting an article according to which the mayor of the Turkish city of Batman is suing producer/director Christopher Nolan and Warner Bros. for royalties from the film The Dark Knight, Jams O'Donnell Esq. yesterday morning finally stated: "I have no idea if this is a spoof or not but I do love a bit of frivolous litigation!"

About three hours later, I was able to resolve all his doubts: 'When even one of the most honourable and trustworthy newspapers on this planet, and thus in this galaxy and all those galaxies still to discover - i.e. Hurriyet - would sacrifice space for the Dark Mayor's accusations, now, then it must be true, Jams, hm?'

So far, so ... so ... well, let's call it bizarre.

Not bizarre is when some bad men would get off forbidding any son of Batman now living in Germany (or elsewhere!) to name his restaurant 'Batman'.

I wonder when they will bring in an action for injunction against all Cricket Clubs on this planet.

Ah, may they choke from their arrogance and acquisitiveness!

Won't happen?

Oh well, then may Spiderman punish them!

Ceterum censeo it's time that the Turks get what they need: Atapluckism.


  1. A little confused here Sean, but then that in not uncommon and hardly ever your fault:)

    I am pleased/hate to tell you but a cricketer is a batsman so all the cricket clubs on the planet are safe. Good news, no? Baseball clubs too for there they are called batters.

    Happy gardening. Better you than me.

  2. Ha ha, jmb.
    exactly that's why I wonder when they will get sued.
    Off to the garden now to bring Batman his weekend-egg.

    Anticipating your question: Only yesterday came to know that Batman is the stage name of one of our prickly gardenmates. :)

  3. Absolutely ridiculous. You make good points Sean.

    May Catwoman and Wonderwoman also punish them.

  4. Excellent! I found myself in the world of interesting bloggers all of a sudden. Will be following them with interest. Funny article by the way...

  5. CherryPie,
    you wouldn't take my 'furor' serious, hm?

    our wishes in six ears. :)

    welcome, and thanks for the compliment.
    Wondrous, indeed, are the ways that let one discover other sites, once one's diving :) into the blogosphere.

  6. It is very true that Turkey needs Attapluckism now. It is cllear that many of the residents of Batman are at least 70% bicycle

  7. I bet you that Batman will loose this case.
    What about when the Greeks sue the Turks about the name Istantiboble aka Constanstinoble...))
    That would be fun!
    Kindest sir Sean

  8. jmb,
    tomorrow there will arrive an email for you. :)

    I suppose you speak about those Turks who according to the rules of Atapluck in the near future will walk four steps behind their wives and carrying all the shopping bags. Well, I think by then they will be 96% bicycle.

    Ha ha, Hans! No doubt one Batman will be the loser. :)
    As for your proposal: A thrilling idea! I think when consulting him, this litigious gentleman from Lesbos will immediately take action.

  9. "I bet you that Batman will loose this case."

    He might even lose it too.

  10. "I bet you that Batman will loose this case."

    He might even lose it too.