Thursday, November 20, 2008

Very busy ...

... not blogging I've been for quite a while, and this goes also for visiting and leaving comments.

The more I do appreciate the patience shown by my esteemed readers. Thank you.

US-election, a so-called financial crisis, the ban of in Turkey, uncounted further evidence that human dignity is violable etc.: There could have hundreds of posts been written.

However, I decided to set other priorities.
[Did you take notice I did not write 'I had no time', as it's said that those complaining they have no time, are just not able to organise? :) ]

Not that I did not follow what happened in the world.
I stayed awake for all TV-duels and did not sleep at all in the election night, felt pleased when it became clear that "Did you know I'm a Vietnam veteran?!" had not been convincing enough an argument for the majority of the US-voters, and I did even feel moved by Mr. Obama's 'victory speech' and the whole atmosphere, although I do not share his supporters' enthusiastic optimism. Perhaps if I were 45 years younger. :)

Well, back to the priorities:
1. Writing
2. Gardening
3. Reading
4. Reflecting and Contemplating.

Interesting to see the above black on white.
Probably not for you, but for me. :)

Did I succeed?
N-yes. Sounds better than Y-no, hm? :)

The books I read are good, some 'just great'.
The reflecting and contemplating was both exciting an
d relaxing.
As for the writing, I am quite content with the quantity - and in some weeks when I shall start to re-read it, and after the 'polishing', hopefully even with the quality. :)

Again, interesting to see the above black on white.

As for blogging.
The story about that one 's' is (almost) able to 'kill' a story's clue, has to wait, as I am still pondering about how I could get out of the
tight spot. :)))

Neither I do feel like writing about politics today, about economy, organised stupidity in its various forms, about Sir Veillance, pirates and other criminals.

Rather I do prefer to share - for the beginning - some of those many tiny things which during the past two, three months let my eyes sparkle, the corners of my mouth start expeditions to the ear-lobes, and my heart rise with joy like a falcon up to the sky. :)

Here's a little foretaste:

Potato manikin relaxing on rhubarb leaf :)


  1. I think it's fantastic to be able to pause the world sometimes and take a break from all that surrounds us. Either you went on a holiday or you fell in love. I just started reading your blog, so take my comment with a lot of grain of salt... :) I don't need to tell you that I am kidding I hope! But I must say, the potato hint was not clear at all!!!

  2. CherryPie,
    :) Digging up potatoes this year was indeed such a fun that Mrs. J. once would state: 'No wonder, Sean, it takes such long, when you need to make a photo of each funnily shaped pop.'

    to start with the end: The photo could also be taken as a 'warning' :) that a few of the following post will 'only' circle around what Arundhati Roy probably would call 'The god of the little things.'
    Still, I hope it won't be too boring, as yes: I am convinced at least from time to time it's good - no, not to take no notice of what's happening in the world, but to enjoy and appreciate those very 'little things' which make one's ... well, my life worthwhile.

    PS: Your hope was not illusive. :)

  3. Arundhati Roy is one of favorite authors/activist/journalist! Her words are extremely strong and tells truth to power! So it will not be boring at all! It will be interesting to find out what you will have to say about her or her work....

  4. Sean,
    I know exactly how you feel. I also refused to write a post about Obama winning the election. During his victory speech my husband had tears in his eyes and he felt so enthused for the American voters. Well I looked at my husband and said nothing. I did not want to ruin his 'Obama momemt' with my cynical thoughts. So you see, sometimes it is best to remain silent.

    Gardening however, is forever rewarding. One gets what they sow, unlike politics.

  5. Gardening, reading - now that's an excellent combination. One definitely needs a break from worrying about the human/bicycle content of the Turkish population.....

  6. I find most of my time spent on reading these days and thus, I too, find my blog lacking (more so than usual) and note I do say, with a sly wink, that 'my time is spent'. A dead philosopher once said, "this is how philosophers sould greet each other, 'take your time!'". I would alter this to 'make your time!' but as I've yet to rest control from other forces this seems wishful thinking. Well, back to the books...

  7. Very busy reflecting and contemplating sounds a bit like an oxymoron to me. But your reasons for not blogging sound like the perfect occupations to me, well for you. I don't do much reflecting and contemplating myself but I admire those who do.

  8. There are indeed times when making potato manikins far outweighs preparing a topic for one's blog and is sometimes a very necessary occupation for one's soul :)

  9. Nevin,
    now, that's interesting. :) I do appreciate her work, too, won't neither write about A. Roy nor her work, though (at least not now), but just about the 'little things' around me.

    I do not like cynism (according to Russell Lynes 'the intellectual cripple's substitute for intelligence'), but I like you and therefore 'can't' imagine you could be cynical. Sarcastic? ... Oh, ... yes, perhaps a bit sarcastic. Even more, though, I'd like to replace 'cynic' by mocking.
    Would you agree? :)

    As for the rest, I do agree! Sometimes it's wiser to be silent like a potatoe ... :)

    it is, indeed. Although, only two days ago I got reminded of that the people of Iran are suppressed by horrible creatures containing of 0,5% bicycle and 49,4 % megalomania and 50,1% idiocy.

    by 'taking your time' to write this comment you proved your ability to overcome those 'forces'. :)
    That's why I do the more hope the books you are spending your time with will both inspire and empower you to soon win the freedom you are longing for.
    Good luck, and again: Thank you for taking your time. :)

    this was a very subtle way to reveal you're admiring me. ... :))))
    Seriously, I might be wrong, but I think it's no oxymoron. And yes, I am glad that I am allowed and able to 'take my time'.

    quite. Thank you. Instead of 'soul' one could also say 'the child in the man'. :)

  10. Always good tgo have co bloggers..)))

  11. Sean,
    I have everything to be thankful for. I have an inviting and warm home with wonderful children and a loving and kind husband. I have time to do the things I enjoy which include working, looking after my family, gardening and reading.

    I love humanity but unfortunately I have a tendency to disbelieve the honesty and compassion of Powers.

    Here is book for you to download and read:-


  12. Hans,
    indeed. :)

    thanks for the 'book-link'.

    In case I put my thought in a misunderstandable way: I agree to all you wrote, don't think, though, you are cynical. :)