Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving at the Oral Office

Remember Bill Clinton?
Remember Thanksgiving 2001 (sic!)?
Well, let's have a look.

[quote]Come on, be a good bird.[unquote]

[quote]Oops, she's does it. I'll call her Monica.[unquote]

Afterwards one could read that Mr. Bush had pardoned the turkey, named it - now guess! ...? ... yes!! - Liberty, and from now on Liberty would live in Vir-gin-ia-
ha-ha-ha. Well who would believe this from a notorious liar?

According to my friend Tetrapilotomos his deep throat has investigated the truth.
[quote] Monica still lives in the Oral Office, and her favourite place is the one under the President's table.[unquote]

Now don't I mind Mr. Bush's preference for turkeys (be they female or male); I wonder however, why there has never been an impeachment trial?


  1. Maybe because Dubya didn't deny it?

    And would there be an incriminating feather?

  2. Crushed,
    similar questions I asked Tetrapilotomos; unfortunately, he, in return, asked for my understanding that he could not divulge more of what he had been told sub rosa.

  3. Hallo Sean,

    It seems this time President Bush pardoned his turkey by commuting his death sentence.


  4. It goes to show why turkeys go gobble, gobble!

  5. Hahaha! Why wouldn't he like turkeys, being one himself?!

    (Not sure if that's an Australianism or not, turkey = twit, idiot, etc. etc.

  6. It's a fine document , isn't it, Ashley?

    Mind your words, though, in case you think of one day visiting Turkey. You might end in prison – article 301, insulting Turkishness.

    Ha ha ha ha . . .