Thursday, November 27, 2008

A letter from Farzad Kamangar

No, I do not know if Farzad Kamangar is still alive.

I hope.

Tonight I happened to read this letter from him.

No, I do not know, if it is authentic and - given it is - how he'd been able to write it and 'smuggle' it out of his cell.

However, having spoken to two (renowned) Iranian writers once being tortured in Iranian prisons, I tend to rely on the letters authenticy and its contents.

Well, read and judge yourself.


  1. A difficult letter to read. Heart-stopping in fact.
    If he is kept alive will he be subjected to even more torture?

  2. CherryPie,
    thank YOU.

    as for your question: Don't know why, but I did not think of this alternative, until you mentioned it. Another terrible prospect. ...

  3. Yesterday there was an update from labourstart. He was not hanged but he is still under sentence of death.

  4. CherryPie,
    thank you.
    Probably they wish to wait until Mr. Ahmadinejad will have answered all emails.

    Sorry for protecting myself with a shield of sarcasm.