Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Anything else than triste

The heirs of today's birthday child who once finished his masterpiece in Triest will feel a bit triste when thinking of next year as then they can't suck any more honey / money from their ancestors' genius - in January 2011 the copyright expires.

How cometh I am looking forward to January 13th? :)


  1. Jan 13....is your birthday...some 'empathy' tells me that..
    right or wrong? At least one is right.)

  2. Perhaps there will be a Financiers Wake!

    Lovely mug, by the way.

  3. Irish whiskey in that coffee? Is Joyce's mug half-empty or half-full?

  4. I forgot the words:
    Celebrating with you. Slàinte!:)

  5. I love the mug too, The time when his descendants lose control of the rights to his work cant come soon enough

  6. Hans,
    indeed, one's right: Your're wrong. :)
    By mentioning January 13th, I was refering to Joyce's day of death; however, you are right in so far as my birthday is on a 13th.

    are you thinking of a bail out?

    The mug I bought in a pottery not far from Galway - in Spiddle.
    They offered quite a range: Flann O'Brien, Lady Gregory, Yeats, Seamus Heaney etc..

    whisk(e)y in the coffee?! Peeeh! Nah! I am purist. When it comes to Whisk(e)y, I am purist. :)
    Anyway: Sláinte!

    next time you drop over to Ireland, make a trip to Spiddle: As mentioned above, they do also sell Flann O'Brien mugs. ...