Sunday, February 21, 2010

Never wake a lazy lion

Ladies and gentlemen,
Dames en heren,
Bayanlar, Baylar,
Signoras e Signori,
Señoras y Señores,
Mesdames et Messieurs,


I am so sorry to cause inconviences.

Some religious nutters cause me, in a first step to ask for word verification. As soon as the lady and the gentleman* (or the machine) get tired and thus decide to focus on other poor bloggers, I shall return to easy business as usual.

* My esteemed readers will notice that on my quest to become the politest blogger in this universe and those yet to discover, I did not call mentioned lady and gentleman names.
Otherwise, I'd say they are fucking idiots.

The peace of the night.


  1. You were visisted by a well know stalker?.)
    Just drop him a trojan email...

  2. I had to put word verification on again a while back just to clear spam posts

    On the other hand the religious nuters can stick their views up their arses

  3. I don't mind word verification. And I'm with Jams on his views on religious freaks.

    And you are indeed VERY polite!


  5. A password verification a day
    keeps the doctor away!

    Met oprechte deelneming,


  6. I put word verification on my blog because some Asian robot seemed determined to sell me a bride, so far as I could decipher with Google translator's help - it was mostly in Japanese symbols. Jings! Buying myself a bride is the last thing I, or the poor prospective bride, would need. But the robot was very determined. I tried removing the verification after a few months and within an hour or so there was the offer popping up again. Sigh. Still, at least I know it'll be there if I ever do need it :) Doubtless someone is busy trying to create the software to defeat word verification though - some people will try to spoil anything good we invent.

  7. How can word verification stop a spam? I guess it doesn't work for phone. I'm being harassed (3-4 times a day) by a voice machine (?) quoting the bible. I don't pick up the phone anymore but I have to keep the answering service on for friends and business. It's very irritating to receive those messages. I'm told the phone company can't stop it. I feel like a tigress!

  8. Hans,
    it's not your stalker from L.A., but 'bloggers' living in the the bible-belt. who did obviously jump the queue when stupidity was distributed.

    it's strange, that some physicians are still disputing when someone's braindead, isn't it? :)

    you are very kind. :)

    Tigress, :)
    your support is much appreciated.
    As for your question: As far as I know, word verification is not able to prevent from spams. It offers, however, one advantage: Robots can't read.
    Not yet. (see Andrew's comment)

    ha ha ha ...
    Dankje uit het diepste van mijn hart voor je oprechte deelneming. :)

    apart from that spammers are a nuisance, I wonder 'cui bono'? The more when the addressee does not understand f.e., Japanese.
    As for your final sequences: A pity, isn't it?

  9. Sean, I am shocked! I would have never guessed you would ever use the word "fuck".... I guess somebody made you mad... real mad... :):)

    Religious nuts are exactly that... NUTS!

  10. Nevin,
    this was indeed a step backwards on my quest, but never mind: I did feel much better afterwards. :)
    Pretty sure I am, though, that mad religious nutters will not be able to drive me mad. :)

  11. Now how can I use that word verification at my door to stop the visits there???