Friday, February 19, 2010

One cat a day ... ?

Yesterday a blackbird, used to find ...

(at least) one apple a day in Seanhenge,

looking left ...

looking right ...

hardly could believe its eyes.


  1. Ha ha. You just have to love cats (evil ba$t@rds! :)

  2. It's a tough life... Survival of the fittest?

  3. Ah the old appletrap - with a hungry cat at the bottom! Bye, bye Blackbird!

  4. I'd have loved to see the cat running out of the kitchen carrying the apple for his trap.

  5. CherryPie,
    that's what I thought, too. :)

    Quite, Andrew. Many tricks she'd try. But it was the first time that I saw her pretending to be an apple. :)

    well, not necessarily.
    You know Aesop's fable of the frog and the scorpion?
    A scorpion asks a frog to give him a ride across a river.
    Says the frog: 'Ha, never. I don't wish to end with a sting in my back."
    Says the scorpion: "Don't be silly. If I did so I had to die myself, as I can't swim."
    Frog: "And how do I know you won't wait till we get to the other side?"
    Scorpion: "It wouldn't be fair to show you my gratitude by rewarding you with death, wouldn't it?"
    Thus the frog agrees, and ... halfway across the river feels a sting in his back.
    "You fool! Forgotten what you promised? Now both we shall die! Why on earth did you do that?"
    Says the scorpion: "I know it's stupid. And I am sorry. But that's my nature."

    indeed. If I understood her correctly, she was purring 'Come on girls. Don't you see I am an apple? An apple I am.'

    fortunately the birds so far have been too clever for Pyrthe.

    ha ha ha, now that might become the next trick in her repertoire. :)