Thursday, February 04, 2010

One apple a day ...

keeps ...

... the hunger away.


  1. That's brilliant! (Do you still have that much snow?)

  2. You're so kind. I worry about birds in winter. I go to a little park where some congregate and I give them bread crusts, and cereals. I didn't know they like apples. I'll bring some next time. Lovely that Blackbird let you take his photo.

  3. D.E.,
    actually, the blackbirds presently don't eat one apple a day, but five. At different places.
    During the past three days most of the snow has thawed away, but the next cold front is forecasted.

    hunger is cruel. And we are lucky to have apples, more than enough. Blackbirds just 'love' them while most other birds prefer fat balls, sunflower seeds, (unsalted) nuts, raisins etc..
    Bread ought not to be fed. It's saltened; and when getting wet it ... here's a hole in the ballad, means I don't know the words to explain what it causes in the birds' stomachs. :)

  4. Gee! Thanks for telling me. I've done that for years. Hope I didn't kill any bird. Also thanks for giving me the proper diet. It's easy for the apples. The fruit store, next door, sells them quite cheap when they lose a bit of freshness. I'm sure the blackbirds won't mind. I'll get sunflower seeds for the other birds.

  5. Claudia,
    when I was a boy I used (and enjoyed) to feed the ducks and swans in our parks with dry bread.
    And how did I enjoy watching them!

    When I was a boy people were told that margerine is much more healthy than butter.
    Some years later - when there was a 'butter mountain' in the EU, suddenly I was told that butter is very healthy. :)
    So, what is right? :)
    Anyway, not feeding bread, to me makes sense.

  6. I agree. And I'm glad you told me. Either I do it right, or not at all. I never had a bird. So I never knew. Bird seeds are not that expensive. If it's best,then that's what my little friends will get. They're very happy, and they get very busy when I give them food. It's fun to watch them.

  7. Caludia,
    I like this sentence: I never had a bird..
    Never I'd have a any bird in a 'golden cage'.
    Being free, they do give me more than I do give them.

  8. I could never, NEVER, have encaged a bird as I thought of myself as a bird, at times, and it nearly killed me not to be free to sing and to fly.

  9. It gladdens my heart to think of how well the birds are treated in Seanhenge's fine restaurants. Evidently they are served good healthy food at a most affordable price!

  10. ,
    it's delightful, indeed.

    it is so lovely to watch them, and when there is no time, to see that the apples have 'disappeared'.
    You are right, as we did have a very good apple harvest we do just share a bit of what nature gave us.
    And sunflower seeds and fat balls which are prefered by finchs, robins, tits and our tiniest guest, a wren, don't cost the world.