Friday, February 05, 2010

Killing ... their power

“ ‘Gao Zhisheng! You mother****er! Your date with death is today! Brothers! Let’s show the bastard how brutal we can get. Kill the bastard.’ A leader of the group screamed. Then, four men with electric batons started to beat my head and body with ferocity. Nothing but the noise of the beating and my moaning could be heard in the room. I was beaten so severely that my whole body began shaking uncontrollably on the floor.
But one example. But one example.

How many journalists have been murdered in Mexico since 2000?

But one example. But some examples.

But one ... day ...

Forget it!!

There won't be the day that a (wo)man will not be bullied, imprisoned, tortured or killed by those who have not much more than their

Tell my ashes if I were wrong.


  1. Those with power often do such vile acts for no other reason but because they can. I still hope to prove your ashes wrong but I won't hold my breath!

  2. When I despair of human nature,in general, (and also of my own) and I learn the actions of people like Gao Zhishen, Liu Xiaobo, and other dissidents, I know that all is not lost. As long as there is one voice, crying in the wilderness, there is hope that we will make it. What is important is that we know of those courageous people, and that we remember them, and support them, tangibly when possible. In our heart, always.

    Thank you for the post, Sean.:)

  3. I should add that, because of your post, I read many interesting articles on China's dissidents by Kerry Brown. I was also reminded, by James Kynge, of what Napoleon has said, "Let China sleep, for when she wakes, she will shake the world."

    The question seems to be that, now that China has acquired a tremendous importance in the economical and political world, why is she so afraid of the protests of single, unknown people to the point of jailing them, torturing them, or killing them?

    Could it be that she has lost control of her secret services' actions? And shouldn't China be more worried about world's opinion if she wants to wield a shaking role in the world's affairs?

    Puzzling points, hm? :)

  4. My solution for all those regimes: syndicalism.

  5. Unfortunately, it is usually the weakest, namely women and children that get the most abuse whether it's physical, sexual or emotion in every society... :(

  6. Jams,
    may you live long enough to live that golden hour, so that you can tell my ashes I were wrong.

    the idealist says 'Dum spiro, spero', the realist is almost sure: The day won't come.

    depends on who gains power in the syndicate, hm? :)

    quite. Still, there are uncounted men, too, who get bullied, tortured, murdered.

    C'est La Craic,
    interesting, indeed.
    How goes the old saying:
    One can choose one's friends, but not one's brothers?
    Ahem ...