Thursday, February 18, 2010

Forest Bulb: Some thought I were Venus

Well, as promised for today's Laughing Lhursday, here's the metagrobolistic subject of Seanstronomy, observed in daytime.

I think from now on I shall call this star Forest Bulb.

As now :) can (perhaps) easily be seen it's neither Venus, Moon, nor Mars, but the good old bulb at the edge of our good old greenhouse which - mind you, the greenhouse, not the bulb - once, deep in the past millennium, was build mainly from old windows by our father (never would have come to my mind he was "but" my father-in-law) who whenever I'd admire his various skills (and how often I would!) accompanied by his unique tiny smile used to say (and still I do have his voice in my ear): "Sean, you can well be stupid as long as you know how to help yourself."

By the way: See the bright spot on the western side of Forest Bulb's northern hemisphere, pretty near to its equator? That's the sun.

Well, I am pretty sure that someone who on first sight knows to distinguish Mars from a bulb [see here, in the comment section] will probably insist on that it's rather a reflection of the sun, or to put it more precisely ... here's your turn, Andrew. :)

And now, getting hungry, I'll dedicate myself to something completely different. Bertus would call it minestronology.


  1. Your Dad was right in that there are many who consider themselves clever yet can't help themselves. On reflection, that's a wonderful photograph of the magic inherent in the banal.

  2. I've been had...I don't really mind! The search provided a great trip around our small but fascinating universe. I said small because I soon exhausted the possibilities. Amazing that a prosaic light bulb could create so much expectation, and a touch of frustration. I truly believe that Seanhenge is a never-never-ending fantasy land where all things can happen to metagrobolise us.:)

    Actually Forest Bulb could become Venus if two romantic hearts would seek its light, at night, to look in one another's eyes.

  3. I agree with Susan, you made the everyday into something magical!

  4. How different things seem in the new light of day :-)

  5. That object that is attached to Venus ... Could it be a stargate??

  6. Susan,
    welcome to Omnium and thanks for your kind com(pli)ment.

    glad you enjoyed your trip. Your guesses were - so to speak - a lovely launch pad for the corners of my mouth to start some expeditions to the ear-lobes.
    As for your thought: This does certainly offer a very special kind of an expedition to Venus. :)

    Thanks, my friend.

    don't they, Mylady? :)

    blimey!! This could be the beginning of an other thrilling quest. :)