Thursday, February 11, 2010

Laughing Lhursday

Hostes alienigeni me abduxerunt. Qui annus est?*

I was kidnapped by aliens. What year is it?

Nah! Neither was I kidnapped nor did I spoil a walk by breaking this or that extremity on icy path(s).

Just extremely busy with not blogging I was for a couple of days. And as you can easily see from above's title, still I would not let a tiny T spoil an absolutely amazing avantgardistic alliteration.

Apropos 'Laughing Lhursday': Visiting Stan, the master of Sentence First, the corners of your mouth will start quite a few expeditions to your ear-lobes.

Take your time, but don't miss coming back for Knatolee's hilarious hen-haiku(s) and ...

... Webwisewoman who caused me a bockety laughter.

The peace of the night.


  1. You sent us to delightful posts, Sean. I had a bockety good time.

    And you can believe me. Amicule, deliciae, num is sum qui mentiar tibi? Baby, sweetheart, would I lie to you?:)

    Gratias, Senor! Merci, M'sieur!

  2. Ha ha, Claudia,
    glad you enjoyed a laughing Lhursday.

  3. I am DYING to visit Newfoundland. My husband has been there several times. I know I'll love it!

    Thanks for sharing my hen haiku with the greater world.

  4. thanks for the gracious h/t Sean, and I absolutely love the photograph, my kind of 'ars'.
    No, not with an e.

  5. There was me talking about onomatopoeic words only yesterday. Another one to add to the collection ;-)

  6. Knatolee,
    you are very welcome.
    Warum in die Ferne schweifen, wenn das Gute liegt so nah? :)
    Or: Why travelling far (Mexico), when good things (Newfoundland) are nearby.

    Joke aside: Newfoundland's among the few 'spots' I'd still like to visit.

    wouldn't it be selfish didn't I offer to share what I enjoy(ed)?
    I am still bockety chuckling.
    Yes about the missing 'e', too. :)

    onomeiwhat? Ha ha ha.
    What about putting The Dictionary of Cork Slang on top of your wishlist? :)

  7. Thank you very much for the link, Sean, and for directing me to two highly enjoyable posts. I can only hope my visitors are not too disappointed by my intermittently bockety blogging.

  8. Phew, Stan,
    just notice that I did somehow 'manage' that my reply was not published.

    To cut my former reply short:
    If they were me your (new) visitors would find your blog posts bockety fascinating.
    Actually, I am pretty sure they don't need to be me. :)