Friday, December 18, 2020

Beers & Books Havel

Moc Bezmocných* (1978)
literally translated:
The Power of the Powerless
The German publishers titled:
Versuch, in der Wahrheit zu leben
(Attempt to Live in Truth)
1980 / 1989 / 1990
The English title:
Living in Truth (1986)

Václav Havel (5 October 1936 18 December 2011)


  1. In case you might like to see some pictures I've taken along our favourite route through the park (in warmer seasons) you may find them here.
    Happy Christmas, dearest Sean 💖

    1. Ah, Susan, how lovely! Thank you. So good to see you and Jer enjoying life the more after moving to the other side of the continent. Merry Christmas to you, too.
      The rest won't be silence. Email to follow. Promised. ;-)

    2. It was nice to go and visit you again via the link Susan. I didn't find any means to comment so will use this route.

  2. A big big hooray for books. And from me, silence on the beer front.
    Off topic: It occurred to me last night that without our recommendation I would not have picked up (much less purchases 'A Manual for Cleaning Women'. The woman depicted on the cover looks remarkably like Princess Diana in the dreadful 'coy' photograph of her which is so often reproduced.

    1. Hm. Sure, Sue? I can't find Diana in that cover. Of course, I can neither remember to have seen any dreadful coy photograph of her. I do my best to ignore gossip, especially when it comes to so-called celebrities.
      Oh, and whenever I happen to read or hear the name of someone being called an influencer I wonder if their so-called followers suffer from mental influenza.

    2. Influencer is a job description which gives me the cold grues. As far as I can see their 'influences' are all towards conspicuous consumption at best.
      Perhaps your copy has a different cover image. I hope so.

    3. Quite. So-called influencers have influence on people who are easy to manipulate.
      As for the cover image: You have seen mine. Is it the same than the one on yours?