Sunday, December 06, 2020

Beers&Books XXXV

Thanks, Saint Nicholas!
This morning in my boots
I found
exactly the six books I had asked for.
Plus: A bottle of Talisker.
I almost fainted:
of joy and disappointment.
Had not my third wish been
to find the author in my boot
so that, after all,
we could share the bottle?!
Oh well,
to prove my good will
I shall drink each second wee dram
on his behalf.
Sláinte, Andrew!

P.S. In a little note I just discovered
where usually my toes are to be found,
St. Nicholas let me know
that it would have been his pleasure
to present me with the author,
"but your boots are to small".


  1. My goodness... The Talisker and beer are probably the finer creations than all of my books, but thanks nonetheless... Andrew (aka Andrew MacLaren-Scott, aka Don QuiScottie de L'Ecosse, aka me, obv...)

    1. No "Aileen the Alien" though? Hmm...

    2. Dear Aileen, while all other books are listed with an ISBN, this very one isn't. Thus, in case you let me know the ISBN, the book will hopefully find its way to Seanhenge.

    3. Published by Andrews UK (who are no relation to Andrew the author), ISBN: 9781782342342 and a bestseller in my world, so close to your and yet so far away. Keep watching the Seanhemge sky. Xileen xx

    4. Forgive my infelicity with your letters there. Aileen

    5. Ah, Aileen, thank you. Consider the bestseller in your world ordered. xox

    6. Sadly it looks like the Aileen the Alien may only be available as an e-book these days, in this world. If you find out differently please let me know. 

  2. I'm overwhelmed! Could someone please explain, I'm not getting all the connections. I'll slip a poem blog in for your time and effort!!!

    1. Ah Mark... these are all books that I have written as Andrew MacLaren-Scott (I also write science books as Andrew Scott). Aileen is the alien character from the book Aileen the Alien (which some will claim is fiction), which does not appear in the image, although its sequel does; and as for Don QuiScottie de l'Ecosse... ah, some things are too complicated and long-standing for simple explanation.... I hope you are now less overwhelmed but not too underwhelmed...

    2. Anyone claiming that I am not real might get a big shock one day if I find out where they live... (and I have to laugh at the demand to prove that I am not a robot... ha ha... no, I am something much more exotic).

  3. Fantastic post!
    Although I am addicted to the taste of wine, to celebrate this day, I will have a sip of Talisker, if it's offered to me.
    To you, Aileen, and the pleasure of your fascinating company!