Monday, December 28, 2020

On the Road

. . .



  1. Nice. Being on the road is often good. We went there a bit pointlessly today, just to cheer ourselves up a bit, which proved to be a worthwhile point, actually.

    1. As long as I can take photographs being on the road is often good, indeed. When it even helps to cheer yourselves up a bit, the better.

  2. As I have such little chance to go on the road, I appreciate enormously your fantastic photos (and Andrew's) of the outside world. I have been following Andrew and his kind wife for years, even at the coffee and cake hour. And now, that I am more and more cloistered, I bodly imagine sitting in your car, and rolling along on a German scenic road. True we're under the same sky but you catch its beauty with a unique photographic eye. Thank you for the ride.

  3. Another beauty.
    I do thoroughly enjoy what we see of your time on the road. Thank you.