Sunday, December 20, 2020

Beers & Books XL

I often feel,
and ever more deeply I realize,
that fate and character
are the same conception.

Novalis 2 May 1772 – 25 March 1801


  1. Now that is an interesting concept which I will have to think about.
    One implication that I see is that we can change nothing - which worries me.

    1. I chose this quote because quite a few decisions in the past with hindsight I took because of my character, and for the consequences therefore neither fate nor kismet or whatsoever can be blamed.
      With Andrew's comment in mind I hope I could make my intention clear.

  2. Some writers do not write very clearly, unless their clear intention is to leave their meaning unclear, which it sometimes is, clearly.

    1. I have been told, by an editor, that I write too clearly at times, thereby reducing the awe and the mystery of certain things. I am reminded of the people who said Isaac Newton destroyed the mystery of the rainbow by explaining its physical origin, not that I have much in common with Newton (although I did have extremely long hair once).

    2. Ach, go away, you and long hair!
      Editors are like school teachers: One and the same essay may get thumbs up and thumbs down.
      Their opinion can pave one's way, or not.