Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Chocolate Jesus


Tom Waits * 7 December 1949


  1. He's an odd one, a unique one, an intriguing and enjoyable one, at least when combined with a band that provides some melody. By far better than a Beckett (is my opinion).

    1. Re sentence one: Not just your but also my and thus our opinion.
      Re sentence two: Quaquaquaqua. ;-)

    2. Re Quaquaquaqua, I read (with a smile, because if Beckett was such a great writer it would be bleedin obvious what he meant)..."What exactly is meant by “quaquaquaqua” is a point of some debate. Beckett is in no way a careless writer and so we can’t assume that it is a meaningless statement or an error. There are only two occurrences of it in the whole play and they are placed just as shown here: within four words of each other. It could be a pun on the word quaquaversal, which means “sloping downward from the center in all directions.” This is an appealing interpretation because this certainly sums up the traditional view of monotheistic religions. It could also be a pun on the Latin phrase quaque die (Q.D.), which means “every day.” This too has a certain appeal as it relates to the omnitemporal nature of monotheistic gods, or as Beckett writes, God that is “outside time without extension.” However, having studied the speech in some depth, I conclude that it is a kind of onomatopoeia indicating that Lucky’s mind is having difficulty getting started—like a cold car forced to accelerate too quickly."...And naive moi feels that writers should use words to convey precisely what they mean, clearly...

    3. good answer...come on you two, keep it rolling

    4. Dear Mark, sometimes modesty forbids to "keep it rolling", the more as "we" are celebrating the "feast of love".
      I am pretty sure, latest in 2021 this can of worms will be re-opened ... or a new one.

    5. Oh, and Andrew, it's clear, isn't it? ;-)

    6. Obviously not (like my Covid-addled brain - the little viruses affect it you know? Rather strange, hopefully temporary, hope you avoid it).

    7. Uff! I hope I let you not feel offended, Andrew. In which ways does the virus strangely affect your brain?
      And thank you. I do my very best to avoid an infection, as I know it could be my end.