Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Beers & Books XXXIX

Today no beer.
On Edna O'Brien's 90th birthday
I shall raise a glass of wine
on her good health.
Sláinte, Saoi!
Agus go raibh maith agat as gach.

Edna O'Brien *15 December 1930


  1. Found my way here via Elephant's Child and who do I find but Edna O'Brien, The Country Girl! I just read on today's Writers' Almanac about it being her 90th. birthday. Good on her for living long and prospering in spite of all the book burnings and shoutings from the pulpits. And it all came out in the wash - what those pulpit shouters were up to while decrying others. I love my country but there was a lot of hypocracy.

    1. Welcome to Omnium, Molly! I am delighted to meet the second Molly in my lifetime. And you are even not fictive.
      Edna O'Brien is a remarkable woman.
      As for 'hypocrisy': There still is a lot, and not only in Ireland.

  2. I am thrilled to see Molly here - and had no idea that Edna O'Brien was still with us. Wonderful news. Good health to her indeed.

    1. Dame Edna not only is alive but has been at her best in the past decade. I do highly recommend The little Red Chairs, published in 2015.
      Even more admirable than the in 1919 published novel Girl is she went for research to Nigeria herself.
      Which is why my conclusion at the end of this rant was that she should have got the Literature Nobel Prize.

    2. "1919 published"? (I must say "obviously not", just for a change) :)

      When lying in bed with Covidiocy all day, one has little better to do than practice pedantry, admitting 100 years is but a mere blip in the vast swathe of time. I had planned to be busy offline, yet here I am again returning like a bad penny...

    3. Ha ha ha. So my little trick – obviously ;-) – worked!! To put it with the words of the PM with the handbag: I wrote 1919 instead of 2019 only because I wanted my "bad penny" back.
      More serious: It is so good to read your lines, Andrew! Thank you. May you and your Lady get soon well again!
      I am quite sure, friends, neighbours and Alison are providing you with what you need.

    4. Ach, you are so clever with your trickery, obviously (allegedly).