Thursday, February 14, 2008

Justice à la Turkiye

Not that I were surprised.
Observers voiced disappointment with the conduct of the trial of 19 persons for the January 2007 murder of Armenian-Turkish newspaper editor Hrant Dink after a third hearing was held yesterday [February 11th] in the Istanbul suburb of Besikta. The press is not being allowed to attend the trial. Full article at Reporters without Borders.
I am not even surprised that while millions would demonstrate either for or against a headscarve ban, 500 people demonstrated in a square to demand justice.


  1. Much much more, Welsh. Yes!

    Good, therefore, that there happen nice things, too. Reading yesterday's post and watching the pics, I was glad to see you had a lovely start into a new year. :)

  2. and the ongoing silence regarding 'deep state gangs'?...

  3. I'd not be surprised if the case shaped up as snow in a frying pan.

  4. That's what Wilde would consider justice means.