Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valenking's Day

RIYADH - Agents of the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice visited flower and gift shops in the capital Saturday night to instruct them to remove all red items - from red roses and wrapping paper to boxes and teddy bears - from their shelves, shop workers said.
Why would this happen?

Two possibilities, says Tetrapilotomos.

1. The defender of human rights thought of that many people count their costs for those Valentine flowers in shortened lives and intended to set an example - once a year.

2. The wise and pious King Abdullah in his benevolen ce ordered to ban Red until Friday in order to push the black market prices for red roses and thus make Saudi Arabia's florists happy - at least once a year.

After all, isn't for His Majesty somehow every day Valentine's Day?

PS: Sorry for the typos in the headline. Don't know how it could happen.

PPS: Sorry about the red letters. Don't know how this could happen.

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