Saturday, February 23, 2008

Peace be upon them

Well, what would a most pious and peaceful Muslim do as soon as he has left the mosque after his Friday prayers?



  1. I thought burning flags was Muslim territory. I was surprised to witness that Orthodox Serbs have become inflicted with this raging virus.

  2. Indeed, Ardent.
    And the more I think about it I do regret that I did not listen to Tetrapilotomos who urged me almost 30 years ago to become a global flagseller. :)

  3. there must be a roaring trade in effigy making (pun intended).

    "buy one Anders Fogh Rasmussen and get a free George W Bush!"

    does anyone know what the danish PM looks like anyway? if he looks vaguely like Blair they could just stick a danish flag on him and bob's yer uncle, new bestseller.

    course, we (in the UK) also had a slight effigy fixation for a while. guido fawkes and the pope being our faves for some time.

  4. a bunch of morrons.
    My proposal: expell all the Pakistan muslims in the UK to their beloved homeland and mountains, and bring the Christian Pakistan to a safe heaven in Europe..))

  5. During the troubles in Ireland, a young Republican went nd confessed to a priest to the killing of Black and Tans.
    The prise asked him if he actually felt guilty. He replied no. The priest said 'Then off you go and do it again.'

  6. Chris,
    and there are quite a few people who would not mind Guido Fawkes been reborn and this time would succeed; it had not necessarily to be a 5th of November. :)

    the (not anticipated)late effects when wealth is not common, will not be escaped such easily. :)

    there circulate(d) uncounted anecdotes / 'jokes' like this one, and quite a few may have (had) a realistic background.
    For sure you are right if your intention is to tell that one does not need to be a Muslim to let fill one's brain with hatred and murderous stupidity.
    Thanks for pointing this out.

  7. Ah the stupidity of the mob. I found the death to wikipedia sort of amusing. Will some mullah declare a jihad against nerds I wonder...

  8. My dear Jams, do you really think a nerd would declare jihad against nerds?
    'Death to Wikepedia' sounds indeed gorgeous. :)