Tuesday, February 12, 2008

On the route again

'To know that I could whenever I wished.'

These eight words by Robert Gernhardt accompanied by his inimitable smile, came to my mind when Saturday morning I had to learn that my router after only a couple of months 'had breathed his last'.

As the telephone service could not help, they promised to send a new one. And - oh wonder - already this morning it arrived.
So, knocking on wood. :)

Yes, it is not nice to know that I could not if I wished.

Well, probably it depends on one's point of view. While I felt not immoderately amused, Mrs Jeating's words spoken Monday night let me suspect she was highly delighted.
"Ah, Sean, how lovely. I have not seen you so busy in the garden for many weekends. And there is still so much to do."

And when I asked, 'Is it possible I am not completely wrong when hazarding the guess you are gloating over my withdrawal syndrome?', her eyes sparkled while she exclaimed: 'Yessss, I love it'.

I did not finish pondering, yet, what's the (un)hidden message behind these four words. The more as by now I am back on the route(r), knowing that I could whenever I wished.

The Peace of the Night. :)


  1. One man's loss is another woman's gain.

  2. Mrs Jeating's gain would not be my loss, jmb. It's a pleasure; the more as I recently dreamt I were reborn in sitting posture. :)

  3. I bet you felt good breathing in that fresh air and I bet you felt good looking at the work you accomplished!