Sunday, February 17, 2008

Virus warning

Someone under the name MALABEI tries to spread a computer virus under different bloggers. He or she writes everywhere in the reactions the message "See HERE". I want to warn everyone not to click on its message or on its name.

h/t Internation Musing

Update, 23:00:
Within a couple of minutes I had strange visitors from Argentina, Brasil, USA (4), Portugal, Slovakia, Egypt, Norway, Macedonia Spain.
Two left a 'comment', which I allowed myself to delete.

el principito would wish 'saludo bloggers'.

Agamagra Blackray would like you to 'See here'.


  1. Rose (from Ontario ... well, you know your location etc., yourself),

    you wrote at 03:20 am: "Sean malabei is a spammer who has been making his way around to several blogs infecting them. It has been reported to Blogger."

    Thanks a lot, and sorry I deleted your comment, in order to prevent the nosiest amongst my readers to click on your name to see who would be such a kind "flower of information".
    Take care of yourself. :)

  2. Here's a virus from Russia back from the dead. Lot to be said for this reincarnation thing.

  3. Hope the warning helped. But dont be afraid to blog now, we protect you..))
    A good firewall is so important

  4. Welcome back, James!
    And I thought you had (nothing but)the 'writing virus'. :)

    thanks. You'd not only protect me; you'd also keep me blogging. :)