Thursday, February 07, 2008

What about Seanhenge?

Jams in his comment on yesterday's post reasoned: 'Hmm by that logic Stonehenge, Hadrian's Wall, even Buck Palace are doomed! '

Yes, indeed, and one could add Skara Brae, Newgrange, the pyramids, Machu Picchu, Chinese Wall, etc. pp.

My biggest worry, though, is: What about Seanhenge?


  1. LOL sean
    I knew you had a creative streak in you. I am afraid I can't say much for your architectural skills though :P

  2. One more comment on Seanhenge.
    A circle with a phallic object in the middle... hmmm... I wonder what it means??

  3. Why is this not a world heritage site, Sean!

  4. I am booking a flight to tour and experience Seanhenge!

    I can feel mystical and supernatural vibes already flowing through my computer screen.

    Absolutely brilliant!

  5. Perfect! Of course it's going to kill the grass but a small price to pay.

    Will there be virgin sacrifices at the vernal equinox or whenever one has virgin sacrifices?

  6. Tanyol,
    some capstones would have less than one centimetre to lay on; and you can't say much for my architectural skills? :)
    As for what you identify as a 'phallic symbol' - there speaks the Freudian. Well, from now on I shall call the stone in the middle the Venus menhir. :)
    Actually, the stone is a placeholder. In summer sometimes I'd sit in the centre of the inner circle, reading or contemplating.

    No, Mrs Jeating did not call the doctor, yet. She would occasionally explain this with a serene smile, though: "Why should I call the doc, darling? You are already sitting in the loony bin."

    beat me, but I do not understand this, myself. The more, as it's to my knowledge the only wandering monument on this planet.
    (more when responding jmb)

    the site will be opened February 14th. (look above: Venus stone). The first four visitors might even get offered accomodation and full pension. :)

    you touch one of two problems. The second is the mowing. For a while I did even use grass shears. After a while I had the thrilling idea, to remove the complete monument every two weeks, and after the mowing to build a new one at another location - around the apple tree, the plum - , the cherry -, the haselnut tree, the rowan etc.. and each monument would be designed in a completely different way. Sometimes you could even see an ensemble of dolmen and menhirs.
    As for virgin sacrifices: I passed your question to Mrs. Jeating. Her response: "You'd never be such cruel, Sean. You are a harmless loony."

  7. If that's the aerial view from 2000 feet up it must be absolutely huge up close.

  8. Andrew,
    :) never thought of our trees being hundreds of metres high. :)

  9. Andrew,
    [sorry, for being late. Somehow missed your comments, and would it not be for introducing Calum to Seanhenge, I'd been even later.]
    Well, what to say?
    It might look small, but it's a magic place.