Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Kafka-esque conundrum

Strange things happening this evening: Why would I, while re-reading Kafka's 'Metamorphosis, feel reminded of Monsanto?

In general I do like insects.

For sure I shall have to ponder about this, for a while; be sure, however that I shall offer you a roundup as soon as I'll have found a solution to this conundrum.

The pea...

Ah well, once the name of the honourable society has been mentioned, I shall not ask what Monsanto could do for me, but what I could do for Monsanto.

For a beginning: I could skilfully organise Monsanto's worldwide watchdog system (MWWS).
Just send me your offers and, if they meet my demands, almost immediately MWWS will get efficient.

Presently it's a pigsty: nonprofessional, inefficient and - stakeholders' money wasting.

Example: No Ministry of Defence, no secret service, or any other sinister organisation, would ever let more than three, four watchdogs check Omnium. Okay, Homeland Security seems either chaotically organised.
However, Monsanto?!
To cut it short, and to coin it in your terms: The pigsty needs new genes!

Nothing against the individual janitor, but what's too much, is too much.

There are
(up til now) at most ten posts to be found on this blog which are somehow Monsanto relevant. And: They are telling nothing new.

By the way and in this context: I do highly recommend reading Thoreau

Oh well, very probably one janitor in Reno - and some (!) others elsewhere - already did. Why else should s/he have spent 10 hours 28 minutes and 30 seconds during one (!) visit, when ... look above.

Don't get me wrong. Of course, it's a pleasure to widen one's horizon by reading this blog, but please
, not during office hour.
This will definitively end, when I am your boss.

Which brings me back to my offer, and to all of you who each have to waste hours and hours, when two separately working colleagues would be enough.

I could understand when any of you doing this nonprofessionally organised job - which is not your fault - in Englewood, Reno, Henderson, St. Louis, Bloomington, Durango, New York, Naperville and Seattle, to name but some, fearing for her/his job would not pass on my offer.

Perhaps it helps when I promise that none of you will get fired (moreover I guarantee optimal climate, joyful team-work), and the first to pass this offer to the boss of the bosses, as soon as I am his boss will become my assistant.
Now ladies and gents: Who's the first? :)

But now:
the pea...ce of the night.


  1. Make it joyful teamwork and all the spuds you can eat and you will be stampeded! Please make sure that bicycle/human hybrids are not discriminated against!

  2. CherryPie,
    I do not doubt at all you are. :)
    However, I am not that sure when it comes to the poor folks of Monsanto. They might not even know the meaning of joy, as their joy-gene has been destroyed by mind-pesticides.

    as soon as I am their boss the Monsanto creatures will learn to know what they are - and henceforth, happily cycling on the paths to sanity.