Monday, December 22, 2008

Un bel di vedremo

Ying Huang as Madame Butterfly

On the 150th birthday of Giacomo Puccini.


  1. One of my favourites. Gorgeous voice.

    How do you know these things Sean? Do you follow some website calendar with these things showcased? I always imagine that everyone knows all these things that I don't, but usually it is some such site on the internet which is piquing someone's interest.

  2. Sean, we get lost in so much daily misery and political debate that sometimes it is important to take a breather and just simply "be". What beautiful voice and so moving... Thank you! Keep bringing beautiful music to our ears...

  3. Here's wishing you and your family a very happy Christmas Sean

  4. jmb,
    actually this was intended as a follow-up for a funny post which however I did post (yet), as I was not happy with it.
    By the way, the voice of Angela Gheorghiu pleases my ears even more, but Ying Huang's surroundings looked nicer. :)
    As for your question: Indeed, I do have quite a few dates 'on my disc', but that it was Puccini's 150th I heard while being on the road and listening to my classic channel.

    it was one of my best decisions to name this blog Omnium. It allows me to write / post everything. :)
    Lovely you liked what you heard.
    And yes: Although not listed as one of my interests, I do feel that music can be a kind medicine.
    No medicine, of course, for those 110 children who - according to the statistic - died of starvation, while we listened to Madame Butterfly.
    What a world.

    thank you very much. We will raise our glass on you, the not-wife and those around you: Happy Christmas, my friend.

  5. Such beautiful music Sean. One of my favorite operas - mine is with Renata Tebaldi whose voice is so powerful. Thank you for this.

  6. Lady Janice,
    glad you enjoyed it.
    Renata Tebaldi has certainly, too, a 'butterfly-like' voice.

  7. Marvellous! Thank you.:) It's great to discover your treasure posts with the widgets. No more index on the sidebar. I would not have known about this wonderful presentation.

  8. Claudia,
    in the beginning I was not sure whether to keep or cancel the widgets, but when, as the list of labels (index) has become ridiculously long, I decided to hide it, and as 'recent comments' does not work anymore, the widgets offer opportunities to stumble upon this and that which might even not be boring.

    Glad you enjoy.