Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Vision & Reality

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

It might be of interest
to compare the articles above
to my recently published

Essai on the universal validity of certain virtues

The peace of the night


  1. Sean, my original comment disappeared into the blogsphere, so I hope it does not appear twice.:)

    This is the first time I have actually completely read the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

    I must say that your essay provided greater clarity.

  2. Do you think universal human rights can ever exists in the true sense as long as humans live? :)

  3. At least there is something written down...
    Personally I have more faith in humanity and human men/women kind than many people on this earth..))
    But indeed Sean, I like your essay as well: some space left for anarchistic thoughts..)))

  4. Ardent,
    your vanished comment might share the fate of the declaration. Only a few will read it.
    Anyway, now you are part of the universal minority. :)

    And I am glad you did not only read my essai, but appreciate its ambitious content, the more as it was hard work to put in all experience I collected in two millennia.

    the child in the man, the idealist would love to say 'Yes!', the realist, however, disillusioned by experience, laconically mutters: No.

    agreed. It's good 'at least there is something written down', and if it were to prove that paper is patient.
    Anyway, I wish everybody shared your optimism and tried his bit to fill the words with life.

    As for your final words: Thanks. And yes: There should always be space for some tiny friendly Anarchy atoms within the realm of Omnium. :)

    welcome to you.
    And thanks for the link.
    Fascinating, indeed, isn't it? In June Professor Genzel got honoured with the Shaw Price for Astronomy.

    :) How could I not be interested, having an enthusiastic astro-physicist in the family who'd supply us with latest news.

    Apropos 'news': Did you check the Max-Planck-site? It leads you to all institutes. A scientific cosmos! :)