Friday, December 26, 2008

On Harold Pinter in Every-Man's Land

Nobel Lecture: Arts, Truth & Politics Warning: The above is nothing for contemporaries who 'have no(t 46 minutes) time for such things'. Brief personal note, especially for those ... experts who got het up when Harold Pinter in 2005 was awarded the Nobelprize: Once in the 70th of the past millennium two outstanding performances of No-Man's Land made me curious to read Pinter's plays: One in the Old Vic (London) with (Sir) John Gielgud as Spooner and Ralph Richardson as Hirst, the other in Schloßpark Theater (Berlin) with Martin Held (Hirst) and Bernhard Minetti (Spooner). If any ... expert had asked me then, f.e. 'Who's better - Nobel Laureate Thomas Mann or Harold Pinter?' - my answer had not been 'Thomas Mann'. Well, the two gentlemen may discuss this in 'Every-Man's Land'. D.i.P. [Discuss in Peace]


  1. Democracy

    There's no escape.
    The big pricks are out.
    They'll fuck everything in sight.
    Watch your back.

    Harold Pinter (February 2003)

    PS: Excuse the language , those are his words, not mine... :)
    I think he is talking about the Bush/Blair Administration here. How right he was!....

  2. Well, Nevin,
    who am I to bash a man who's been awarded the Nobelprize two years after he told the truth? :)

  3. This video needs to be aired on Prime Time Television with no commercial breaks. Only then will people be willing to take their heads off their cushions and actually think.

  4. Ah, Ardent, 'people' would within seconds switch to the soap on channel 69.

  5. The first play I ever watched was one of H.P.
    Great thinker, great writer!

  6. im afraid im one of those who dont have time for nothing.

  7. That is the first time I have ever, ever heard someone tell the 'truth' about American foreign policy and the essence of its so-called democracy.
    I only wish I had been privileged to meet this man of great intelligence and wisdom.
    Does the world really know what has been lost...

  8. Hans,
    can you remember which play it was?


    this implicates you have time for everything. :)

    ... 'Does the world know'?
    Those who appreciate his words / work: Yes.
    The world? No.
    Most people will not even (have) know(n) he existed.