Friday, December 05, 2008

Spy in the sky

The German military commissioned its first spy-in-the-sky satellite system on Thursday, Dec. 4 enabling it to peek through clouds or the darkness of night at any spot on the planet.
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Wow, somehow I feel safer now.
The peace of the night.


  1. I thought that the German army only are there for peacefull operations..))

  2. Hans,
    never heard Germany's former war minister*, Peter Struck, swagger that German security would also be defended in the Hindu Kush?
    * official newspeak: minister of defence

  3. I must admit I am surprised that Germany did not already haver its own satellites already

  4. Well, Jams, perhaps the allowance to have their own military satellite is a tiny reward for contributing more to the so-called war on terror than most people would think.

    Recently there was an interesting manoevre: German troops helping the Ghana's Army in an imagined civil war.