Friday, December 12, 2008

Welcome to ...

Global TAC, LLC
HTTP application software. Browsing tools. Web site analytics. Web site monitoring. Web site search reporting. Consulting services.
www dot globetac dot net

[For regular readers some tiny information, more.]

Can't believe they would have given you the very job. Ha ha ha.

If so, here's to make it easy for you: The irrelevant posts - irrelevant as they don't transport anything new - you are looking for are to be found by clicking the label food-monopoly.

To help you not losing your job, I'll try to offer one or two posts per week that will let your contracting entity believe (sic) they've found Gene SH221bBSt*.

Blimey, did you ever think of that afterwards they will let you pay for 'their' patented knowledge?

Or well, good night, and good luck.