Saturday, December 06, 2008

Nothing about potatoes

Surprise. No potatoes, for a change.

Those were (almost) the last courgettes / zucchini we harvested on the first September Sunday Altogether we may have got about ten times more from two (!) plants. The more grateful I was that Welshcakes 'just in time' posted one of her marvellous recipes. Again, mille grazie, Signora Limoncello. :)

Anyway, good to have neighbours, too, as we just could not eat all ourselves, and as courgettes - to our knowledge - unlike cucumbers when preserved ought to be eaten within three, four months.

Oh yes. As she thought the first photo to be pretty unimpressive, Mrs J. suggested to take another one so that you might get a glimpse of the dimensions ... especially when comparing the courgettes to the daisies. :)


  1. The result of the suggestion from Mrs J. has made me smile :-)

  2. Those are massive Dude. We had courgette, (called zucchini here in Australia) salad last night.

  3. CherryPie,
    we are a strange couple, Mrs. J and I - she brightens the earth, I polish the sky. :)

    the smaller ones are said to be more delicious; however, we just could not eat as fast as they were growing. :)
    As for zucchini salad: Did you try Welshcakes' recipe?

  4. Now that I have seen this post I will plant some Zucchini in the vegie patch.:)
    I agree with you that the smaller ones are more flavoursome.:)

  5. Ardent,
    as I hope you will be as lucky as we were - one plant will do.
    I am still amazed when thinking of the amount we harvested.