Monday, December 08, 2008

Natural Arts

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  1. Very Zen :-)

    How about this one I found earlier today ;-)

  2. This artwork has a religious significance about it.
    It looks like the potato on the stone is bowing down before God, indulging in Muslim prayer.
    Now I am on a roll. The long objects (are they vegetable roots?) represent the five pillars of Islam.

  3. Ardent, actually, I saw completely different images but am embarrassed to bring it up. Let me give you a hint, they kind of look like images of men's "fertility". I have seen these images in ancient culture's depictions of story telling... :)

  4. Nevin, you could visualize that? LOL
    Say no more.

  5. CherryPie,
    glad that ‚this’ potato won’t be able to drop onto my feet. :)
    Thanks for the link.

    do you mean ‘this’ potato, or that? :)

    Now these are surprising interpretations. One more salsify-sculpure, and you’d seen the six arrows of Kemalism, hm. :)))

    Your eyes are as sharp as those of a dozen eagles. :)
    Isn’t nature an amazing artist?

    arts are, of course, part of Omnium.

    Yes, you cannot only eat salsifies, they are delicious! There are many recipes to be found when typing ‘salsify recipes’ and / or ‘salsify recipes’. And even their peeling is no problem as long as you know how to avoid getting black hands for the next two or three days. :)

    did you meanwhile click on the pic? :)

  6. Sean, I had to google Salsifies. I have never heard of this vegetable and it is not sold in Australia.

    Google says it tastes like oysters?

  7. Very artistic. All it needs is a kohlrabi (yum!)

  8. Ardent,
    salsifies are a delicatesse.
    Are they tasting like oysters? Hm. Rather a bit like aspergus.
    ... I think there has to be another post on salsifies. :)

    aren't they?
    We've been growing twice 15 Kohlrabi this year. So next year two more - just for for you? :)