Wednesday, August 25, 2010


As - like not seldom these days/weeks, months/years/decades - words did not come easy me (at least not words ... bla bla bla ...

To cut it short:

Yesterday I had a photo...

... but no words.
Today I have no photo but can offer
- with thanks to the esteemed Jams O'Donnell Esq. -
a fullmoonant poem by The Topaz of Poetry.

Hesitating to click the link?
Trust McSeanagall's words (which, by the way, apply to each poem of William Topaz McGonagall):
Poetry at its peak,
each word of praise
would be too weak.


  1. Haha, D.E.,
    you were faster than me noticing there was none and thus quickly adding a foolmoonant title.

    Gosh, above's sentence is one for Stan. However, who am I to withhold our friend a delight. :)

  2. I love the photo, and there's no doubt it's the moon (and not an earthbound orb) that's shining such an atmospheric arc on those leaves.

    Last night, in a children's poetry book, I read 'Silver' by Walter de la Mare. It's a very different order of poem to McGonagall's, but very enjoyable in its own way.

  3. And very different to his 'The Orgy - An Idyll', Stan.
    Thank you very much.

    Glad, D.E. and you like the photo. I was not sure wheter to post it or not. Somehow I am a bit moonstruck, these months.

  4. Ahh now the photo is just perfect without words :-)

  5. Mylady, not only that your words give evidence of that your taste is exquisite; they let rise my heart - like a falcon - with joy up to the sky ...
    The peace of the night.

  6. Oh, Claude,
    that I'd live such a moment ...

    [How nice to know that some contemporaries would not mind my sometimes strange sense of humour]

  7. Beautiful Moon, with thy silvery light,
    Shine on Sean and give him delight;
    He looks up in loco, agape, agog,
    and thinks 'what a photo for my blog'.

  8. My dear Andrew,
    and thus your poem (Thank you!) becomes a Limerick:
    The peace of the night.

  9. Andrew is in a very poetic mode at the moment.

    I am looking forward to his full translation of a classic verse as discussed in one of his recent posts :-)

  10. Ah yes CP, the Rubaiyat (or Rubbishycrap) of AndrewtheMan. Not promising though, but perhaps such a post will appear one day.

  11. Presently, I'm wondering if it was wise of me to mention FitzOmar on Andrew's recent post (Time on the Tower). Sorry, Andrew, I tried to link you here, and didn't succeed. Still a neophyte.

  12. What's done is done, Claude! (as FitzOmar almost said).

    And whatever happens with it now will be all your fault :)

  13. As long as you give me part of the glory and of the money if Rubbishycrap of AndrewtheMan becomes as famous as the Persian Poet's work.

  14. There may be a problem for both of us with sharing out the royalties Claude, if our global success and recognition takes as long to arrive as Omar's. But I'll acknowledge it now: Claude was my Muse (or Amuse?)

  15. A full moon ant? Is that the insect that nibbles away the full moon?


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  17. I love the full moon... I took several photos of the full moon a few weeks ago in Turkey as well... there is something so wonderful and mystical about the brightness in the middle of the night...

    PS: I found a grammatical mistake in my comment, so I corrected it... being away from English for 2 months effected my ability write fluently I guess... :):)

  18. Ah your photo makes the perfect accompaniment to William T's sublime work!

  19. CherryPie,
    oh, that I missed this very comment-party on the tower.
    Glad to see the work in progress, though.

    Claude, Andrew,
    fame upon you!

    ha ha! Ant or not ant. There is a nibbling creature, as my next posting will prove.

    never ever worry. Grammatical mistakes like everything are part of Omnium.

    the moon and McGonagall - somehow a symbiotic relation, indeed.
    Didn't many philistines wish to shoot the Topaz of Poetry to the moon?