Saturday, August 21, 2010

Friday is Skyday


  1. I love interesting skyscapes and these are very beautiful.

  2. My mum would've called that a threatening sky. Very atmospheric.

  3. Friday is Skyday
    The clouds are stormy
    Will it rain today
    Will it be sunny

    The sky has no say
    Where my heart will stay

    Smiling or frowning
    The colours showing
    Not from above come in
    But from what is within.

  4. those clouds look dark and ominous.. did it bucket it down?

  5. Lovely cloudscapes. But did those dark menacing masses drop their cargo on Seanhenge, or were they carried away to deposit it elsewhere?

  6. CherryPie,
    just dreamy, for a change. After almost six weeks without rain we had lots during the past three weeks. Enough, to refill our reservoir with about 2,000 litres.

    we got many spectacular and fast changing clould formations, this year.
    And beautiful sunsets. Perhaps even wonderful sunrises. Mostly my eyes are closed, though, when they happen - or not.

    that's what I thought: 'atmospheric'.
    Actually, even the one that five weeks ago announced the end of a drought, I did not find threatening; perhaps because so far - knocking on wood - weather did not cause much damage in this very village.

    unlike me, there is much fine poetry inside your head, these days. Thank you.

    No, Jams,
    it did not bucket it or rather them down.
    Ominous as they are looking, their cargo would very probably have been bicycles ...

    fortunately they deposited their cargo somewhere else.
    As there has not been any breaking news I suppose the bicycles (please check my reply to Jams) came down as rain drops.

  7. Very nice. Please send some rain southwards!

  8. Welshcakes,
    Sean blew his breath and ... if they're not scattered, by now they should have crossed the Alps and be on their way to Modica.